Recreational Netting Under Review – Have Your Say

Last month Recfishwest were pleased to receive a letter from Fisheries Division of the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (Fisheries) informing us of an upcoming review of recreational set and haul netting with the aim of simplifying the rules and developing practical management arrangements.

In order to provide Fisheries with advice about recreational netting that adequately reflects current community activities and attitudes, we have developed an online survey through which you can share your views.

If you are passionate about netting (either supportive or against) this opportunity to shape the rules should not be missed.

Complete the survey here.

WA Community Supports Fish Size Limits

Recfishwest recently consulted the Western Australian fishing community to gather a variety of views on the Department of Fisheries size limit review proposals for finfish. Recfishwest was pleased to obtain responses from 2,415 people via our online survey in addition to the consultation undertaken with individuals, businesses and organisations.

Recfishwest was thrilled to see a very strong sense of stewardship and responsibility from the fishing community. People highly value their fishing experience and rather than removing size limits for simplicity sake, there was strong support to keep some size limits as a mechanism to protect fishing experiences.

Having reviewed the survey results and Fisheries Management Paper No. 280, Recfishwest provided advice to the Department of Fisheries on proposals contained in the recent size limit review and highlighted our areas of concern as well. Where we did not agree with the Departments proposals we outlined our reasons and offered an alternative solution.

Read Recfishwest’s advice to the Department of Fisheries here