Our Board

Our Purpose is to ensure Great Fishing Experiences for all in the WA community forever.

Our Commitment is to Protect, Promote and Develop Sustainable, Accessible, Enjoyable and Safe fishing for the benefit of the community.


Tim Bray

Tim Bray


Tim is an independent, non-executive Director of Recfishwest and Chairman of Recfishwest. He is also Chair of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee and a member of the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee. Tim was first appointed to the Recfishwest Board in 2012 for a one year term and subsequently re-appointed for a two year term in October 2013.

Tim worked as a fisheries scientist, fisheries manager and senior advisor to the Minister for Fisheries over a 14 year period before joining Western Power as Manager Corporate Affairs. Tim was also the General Manager of Corporate Communications with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for two years before joining Ecocentric Energy as its inaugural CEO.

Tim is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a fellow of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation.

Tim was elected to the Recfishwest Board at the 2017 AGM for a 2 year term.

Geoff Ellis

Geoff Ellis

Non-Executive Director, Deputy Chair and Chair of Finance Audit & Risk Committee, Nomination & Remuneration Committee

Geoff is an independent, non-executive Director of Recfishwest. He is currently the Deputy Chair of the Board and Chair of the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee. He also represents Recfishwest on the Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme.

Currently, (semi-retired) Geoff is a Director of Super Nova Motor Yachts trading as Offshore Marine and has been for the past 25 years. He has managed several retail boat and caravan sales businesses in WA.

Geoff has held the following positions, President/Finance Director of Boating Industry Association WA, member of Caravan Industry Association WA, member of the Motor Trade Association, licenced motor vehicle dealer and licenced second hand dealer.

Geoff was elected to the Recfishwest Board at the 2017 AGM for a 2 year term.

Kevin Gammage

Kevin Gammage

Non-Executive Director, Chair Governance Committee, Nomination & Remuneration Committee

Kevin is an independent, non-executive Director of Recfishwest and also Chair of the Corporate Governance Committee. He is currently serving his second term as one of the three appointed Directors of Recfishwest.

Currently, Kevin is a partner in the corporate law firm Nova Legal. Prior to being admitted to practice in Western Australia, Kevin worked in the corporate sector, spending sixteen years at senior management level and CEO level in listed and unlisted companies with annual sales revenue between $50 – $90 million.

In these roles Kevin led negotiations relating to business sales and acquisitions, supply agreements, intellectual property licensing, structuring of shareholder arrangements and capital raisings.

Jeff Cooper

Jeff Cooper

Non-Executive Director, Communications Committee, Finance Audit & Risk Committee

Jeff Cooper is the past President of the Broome Fishing Club, and former Chair of Broome Boating Facility Community Reference Group. Jeff is also a former board member for the Marine Park Reserves Authority, and a representative of the International Game Fishing Association.

Jeff is currently the Portfolio Manager at the North Regional Tafe (former Kimberley Training Institute) for Aquaculture, Fisheries, Maritime (including the Broome Maritime Simulation Centre), ASD training, Logistics, Aviation, Warehousing, Children’s Services, Aged Care, Community Services, Short Courses.

Jeff oversees training program development and implementation across 1 Million Square Kilometres of area including the Kimberley and Pilbara. He has the ability to undertake complex programs including; large scale barramundi restocking activities, bespoke high end maritime simulation work, broad scale training programs in extremely remote Aboriginal communities, and customised training activities for large clients.

Jeff is an avid recreational angler and has been a major proponent for barramundi stock enhancement in the Kimberley and has been heavily involved with restocking Dampier creek, and project leader for the Lake Kununurra Restocking project. He has been a mentor for Recfishwest past 3 Young Future Leaders programs.

Jeff is extremely enthusiastic about game fishing and has previously worked with Dr Julian Pepperell to tag sailfish with PSAT and SPOT tags to determine their movements and behaviours around Broome as part of a Woodside funded program.

Simon Mclernon

Simon Mclernon

Non-Executive Director, Communications Committee, Governance Committee

Simon was elected to the Recfishwest Board at the 2016 Annual General Meeting.

Simon is a non-executive Director of Recfishwest and a member of the governance and communications committees.

He brings a wealth of external experience from his work as an engineer from a variety of different industries over the past decade including ship building and subsea engineering. Simon currently manages a team of subsea engineers at GE.

The past 2.5 years has seen Simon volunteering his engineering skills in designing and manufacturing the Bluewater Safety Float which is designed to help increase safety for divers and other boat users.

Being an avid diver and fisher throughout his life, Simon has a strong interest in marine life behavior and the sustainability of WA fisheries.

Simon was the events coordinator for Bluewater Freedivers of Western Australia for 2.5 years and currently holds the role of Vice President of the dive club.

Dean Thorburn

Dean Thorburn

Non-Executive Director, Governance Committee

Dean is a non-executive Director of Recfishwest and a member of the Governance Committee. Dean was elected to the Recfishwest Board in October 2011, re-elected for a two year term in 2012 and again in 2014 AGM.

Dean is a biologist with 15 years professional experience in marine and aquatic studies and specialises in fish biology and ecological investigations of riverine and nearshore waters. Dean is the Director and Principal Scientist of an environmental consulting company and has occupied that role since 2006. In this current role, Dean continues to work on the biology of numerous bony and cartilaginous fish species and conducts environmental monitoring programs, impact assessments and aids with government approvals for various projects throughout northern Australia and south-east Asia.

Dean is also a member of the Bluewater Freedivers of Western Australia.

Tania Douthwaite

Tania Douthwaite

Non-Executive Director

Tania is a non-executive Director of Recfishwest and a member of the Communications Committee. Tania was elected to the Recfishwest board at the 2017 AGM for a 2 year term.

Tania is a marine scientist and marine science communicator with professional experience in the environmental consulting, commercial diving and recreational freediving industry.
Tania was a former Recfishwest Young Future Leader in Recreational Fishing in 2011 and has been a keen freshwater and saltwater fisher for over 20 years.

Tania was the Vice Chairman of the West Australian Undersea Club Inc. serving on committee for 5 years in the role of Safety and Education Officer. She has a particular passion for freediving spearfishing safety education and marine ecology.

Tania currently works as a freediving instructor and marine artist. She is a dedicated and passionate individual that is interested in protecting the sustainability, enjoyment, accessibility and safety of WA recreational fishing.

Gary Thorniley

Gary Thorniley

Non-Executive Director

Gary has a career spanning agricultural research at CSIRO and Department of Agriculture (now DPIRD), technical and business advice, marketing, financial services and leadership. Gary is a Senior Private Client Advisor at Morgans Financial in West Perth, Director of Ecocentric Energy and was previously Director of a financial advisory firm.

He is a member of the AICD, Conscious Capitalism Australia, Perth Angels and is a CFP member of the FPA.

Gary has a particular interest in directly contributing to the success of companies and organisations that have a strong value proposition, address real issues and demonstrate a positive culture.

Gary grew up boating and fishing at Port Gregory and still enjoys getting on the water when he is not watching his sons weekend sport. Gary is a keen cyclist and supports charities through multiple fundraising events including the iconic Hawaiian Ride For Youth.