Recfishwest fishing rules app

We’ve upgraded our FREE fishing rules app — your go-to, easy-to-use source for all your fishing rules in Western Australia.

The very popular app is now even easier to use, with a fresh new look and exciting new features.

At times, WA’s fishing rules can be complicated, but with the newly upgraded Recfishwest fishing rules app, you can have even more confidence you’re doing the right thing on the water with all the latest rules at your fingertips whether you’re in phone range or not.

If you’ve already got the previous version of the app, please make sure you update to the new version to ensure you keep up-to-date with all the latest rules and are able to enjoy the upgraded version’s great new features.

Please note, because it’s effectively a new app, any information you have stored on the ‘My Tools section’ of the old app, including safety gear and licences, won’t transfer across to the new version.

If you have not yet upgraded to the new version, make sure you screenshot or make a record of your information so you can upload it into the new version once downloaded.

What are the new features?

The upgraded new app includes:


  • Much quicker download speeds;
  • Updated marine park info and clear seasonal closure boundaries;
  • Map locations for artificial reefs, fish aggregating devices (FADs) and fishing safety infrastructure such as angel rings and rock anchor bolts.
  • An updated ‘Other Info’ section – so it’s much easier for you to find all the information you need and might want to know about Recfishwest and fishing in WA.

Of course, the upgraded app still includes individual species rules, fish ID, maps and the my tools section.

Also, there’s more species on the app now bringing the total to more than 240.

Recfishwest pioneered the fishing rules app five years ago but due to changing technology in the app space, it has become critical to upgrade the app to a new platform.

Developing the app with the support of the State Government, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development and our partners Shimano, is a great example of Recfishwest’s commitment to making fishing in WA even better and promoting responsible fishing practices ensuring WA fish stocks remain healthy and abundant.

If you have any questions about the new app, please contact us at for more information.