Meet the stars of Our Cast of Thousands campaign!

Their stories tell how important fishing is for WA’s 700,000 passionate recreational fishers and the West Aussie fishing way of life we all love.

They are helping Recfishwest connect further with this passionate and diverse community and show how we stand up for fishers’ rights and interests, sustainability, fishing safety and the environment.

Katlyn Yeeda

If you haven’t heard of her yet, you soon will – Katlyn Yeeda is something of a rising star in the fishing and North-West tourism world.

As well as running her much-loved Facebook fishing blog The Derby Jetty Queen about her fishing exploits in…well in Derby of course! she manages The Derby Tourism Centre. She won the 2022 WA Young Achiever Award of the Year Award and this year’s NAIDOC Caring for Country Award for her work promoting Derby and the Kimberley.

She is an absolute gun at catching metrey mulloway with a handline.

“Derby Jetty is my peace. It’s where I go to get away from it all.”

Scott Coghlan

Scott Coghlan needs little introduction to many in the WA fishing community. WA’s best known fishing personality and writer, Scotty is the editor of WA’s only homegrown dedicated fishing magazine, Western Angler. He also writes fishing columns for the West Australian and The Sunday Times.

A passionate and tireless advocate for fishing in WA, Scott is a big supporter of Recfishwest and what we stand for. He is also a regular contributor to Recfishwest through his popular Scott’s Spots and Scott’s Species features.

Scott is never happier than when he’s roaming pristine south coast beaches, spotting and casting at big salmon schools.

“There’s 700,000 people who fish in WA every year – it’s a huge percentage of the population. If we didn’t have Recfishwest, we’d have no one to fight the fight for recfishers.” 


Emma George

Emma is known to many sports fans as a former pole-vaulting world champion, multiple world record holder and Olympian.

These days she is a journalist, fishing presenter and runs the Love The Outdoors website dedicated to introducing and helping families experience camping, boating, fishing and the great Aussie outdoors.

Another passionate advocate for fishing who firmly believes in giving back to the lifestyle she and her family love, Emma is a Recfishwest Board member helping navigate the organisation’s direction including for campaigns like this one!

At 21, she used the winnings from her first big athletics tournament to buy her first boat – a 3.6m tinny!

“Recfishwest looks after anglers, but also the fish and the environment so there’s abundance. That’s important because my children and future generations should be able to go and fish and enjoy the environment that we do today .”

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