Habitat and Conservation

Having healthy fish habitats is key to having healthy and sustainable recreational fisheries. Recfishwest works on, and strongly supports, a number of projects and initiatives that improve fish habitats and the environment in WA.

Funding generated from recreational licence fees (through the Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund – RFIF) is being invested to ensure recreational fishers have a positive impact on the environments and habitats they fish in. Recfishwest administers and oversees a number of projects which restore, enhance and create new habitat for fish. Recfishwest also accepts applications via our Community Grants Program, for projects designed to enhance WA’s recreational fishing sector.

Recfishwest support programs and initiatives that help keep our environment healthy, such as:

  • minimising the impact waste and rubbish has on our aquatic environment
  • maintaining healthy coastal and estuarine environments
  • working with partners to improve the water quality of our river and estuarine systems
  • working with governing agencies to ensure environmental flows are maintained in our freshwater river systems

Recfishwest is proudly associated with the nationwide Fish Habitat Network. This network is made up of individuals, communities, organisations and governments working together to ensure fish habitats, environments and fish communities are healthy, diverse and sustainable for future generations.

Recfishwest and Ozfish Unlimited have joined forces to protect WA fish habitats. Ozfish Unlimited want to work with every Australian fisher to give them the opportunity to contribute to a better fishing future.

“Individuals, communities, organisations and government are working together to bring the fish back and ensure that our aquatic environments and fish communities are healthy, diverse and sustainable for future generations” (Fish Habitat Network).

Check out some of the programs currently in place to improve our fishing environments: