The Board of Directors of Recfishwest is committed to excellence in corporate governance and enhancing the interests of the organisations members and all recreational fishers in WA. In order to achieve these objectives, the Board has adopted the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations as amended in 2010 (ASX Principles and Recommendations).

The Recfishwest Governance Committee is charged with ensuring that Recfishwest, to the greatest extent possible, complies with the principles and recommendations espoused in the ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations To this extent, Recfishwest’s Governance Committee maintains a compliance report which is included in the annual report of the association and which records the association’s compliance with each of these principles and recommendations in the preceding twelve months.

The Recfishwest Governance Committee regularly reviews its governance systems with the aim of ensuring that Recfishwest continues its commitment to good corporate governance, by having regard to all relevant developments in its operating environment.

Recfishwest Corporate Governance Statement 2020

Recfishwest Remuneration and Nomination Committee Charter

Recfishwest Diversity Policy

Recfishwest Governance Committee Charter

Recfishwest Communication Policy

Recfishwest Board Charter

Code of Conduct for Recfishwest Board of Directors

Recfishwest Conflict of Interest Policy

Recfishwest Finance Audit and Risk Committee Charter

Recfishwest Whistleblower Policy

Recfishwest Constitution AGM 30 Oct 2018

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