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Recfishwest Position Statements

Recfishwest endeavors to respond to all issues and developments that may impact upon recreational fishing in Western Australia. Position statements are developed to outline Recfishwest’s views on important topics.

Position statements are developed based on information gathered through regional networks and the expert advice received through Recfishwest’s Reference Groups, such as the Rock Lobster Reference Group and Freshwater Fisheries Reference Group.

Our position statements are underpinned by recreational fishing values. We believe it is of utmost importance to understand the needs and desires of the recreational fishing community at the grass-roots level and we aim to achieve this through effective consultation.

All position statements are subject to formal review on a regular basis and may be updated to cover any changes in circumstance or in response to new information. If you have an interest in any of Recfishwest position statements, we encourage you to contact us with questions or points you consider should be included or excluded.

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