Recfishwest’s 2021 partners, helping make fishing better

Recfishwest welcomes the support of our partners for 2021 — some new, some ongoing, but all with the common purpose — to help make fishing better.

Recfishwest have a long-standing track record of partnering with organisations that align with our values and who believe in what we do to support the State’s 750,000 recfishers.

Previous partnership successes have allowed us to install new reefs up and down the coast, run kids’ fishing clinics, stock fish — such as barramundi, pink snapper and yellowtail kingfish run community events and deliver campaigns that highlight the importance of fishing in WA.

Juvenile pinkies are among the fish Recfishwest stock as part of our activities.

Recfishwest’s purpose is to ensure great fishing experiences for all in the WA community, forever. Our commitment is to protect, promote and develop sustainable, accessible, enjoyable and safe fishing for the benefit of the community.


Shimano has joined Recfishwest for a third year as supporting partners of the Recfishwest smartphone app, which has more than 160,000 downloads, to support sustainable fishing across WA.

One of the world’s most renowned fishing tackle companies, Shimano has also thrown its support behind our community events helping keep our fishing community connected.

Shimano has also committed to supporting our weekly State-wide fishing reports, ensuring our members are in the know when it comes to what’s biting in WA.

Shimano are proud supporters of the Recfishwest app.

Helping us build resilience in our oceans 

As our oceans are faced with growing pressures, both environmental and as a result of human activity, it’s our responsibility as stewards of the environment to build resilience into habitats, fish stocks and enhance community fishing experiences.

The development of artificial reefs is just one of the evolving tools used to help us build critical resilience in our oceans. These community-supported artificial reef structures are boosting WA’s marine environments, from the south coast to the Kimberley.

Santos and INPEX, joint venture participants in the Van Gogh development, have recognised the value in supporting Recfishwest’s and the WA fishing community’s appetite for more artificial reef developments off the WA coast.

Their support will help us innovate and develop our artificial reefs capability, dedicating time and resources to deliver trusted and robust solutions to support healthy fisheries and great fishing experiences in WA.

Santos supported Recfishwest reefing research in 2020, allowing us to build capacity in young career researchers with a focus on artificial reef development, particularly looking into building a framework for the suitability of repurposing offshore structures into fishing reefs.

Our artificial reefs program has helped create new fish habitats across WA.

Celebrating a southern sportfishing icon

The State’s only WA based and dedicated fishing magazine, Western Angler, is again joining us to support this year’s Awesome Autumn of Salmon and will help deliver the Salmon Spectacular across the Easter weekend.

The WA recfishing industry has also come along for the journey supporting our three-month long Salmon Slam competition, celebrating this iconic southern sportfish and making salmon fishing in WA even better.

Check out the competition details and prizes donated by all our generous supporters in the industry here.

Western Angler editor Scott Coghlan is a proud Awesome Autumn of Salmon partner.

Investing in science and fishing’s future

Woodside has come on board as a supporting partner of one of our newer programs, Fishing for Science, specifically in Dampier and Karratha, where the Recfishwest research team will join local fishing clubs and families at three fishing events each year over the next three years providing on-ground scientific fish sampling and education.

Fishing for Science is a community engagement program enabling local communities to better scientifically understand the fish species that underpin prized fishing experiences, adding to a sense of aquatic stewardship and value in actively looking after these fisheries for the future.

Woodside is a supporter of our important Fishing for Science program.

Teaching tomorrow’s fishers 

Healthway are once again onboard supporting our SunSmart Fishing Clinic Program for an outstanding 22 years.

With their support, our experienced and passionate clinic instructors can help guide the next generation of fishers into developing marine stewardship and potentially grow as future fisheries leaders.

Our SunSmart Fishing Clinic Program is also supported by Hooked Gear, which has helped bring WA kids through this program with the motto ”Catch More Fish, Catch Less Sun and Have More Fun” — we couldn’t agree more!

For 22 years, Healthway have supported Recfishwest’s SunSmart Fishing Clinic Program.

Turning a fishing vision into reality in Exmouth

BHP continues its support for King Reef’s important Reef Vision citizen science monitoring program — Australia’s first integrated reef, using repurposed steel structures and concrete reef modules.

WATCH: Vision of Exmouth artificial reef’s two-year evolution is fit for a King

King Reef has flourished into an abundant nearshore fishing location, with more than 100 fish species seen on the reef since its deployment in 2018.

Our valued and dedicated volunteers in Exmouth have helped monitor the reef, helping us better understand its development and success for Exmouth Gulf and local fishing community. We have applied to extend the program and look forward to hearing back soon.

Our partners are helping make WA fishing better

Recfishwest would also like to thank the organisations and people that provide us with on-ground support around the State.

Whether it be deploying and retrieving FADs, monitoring reefs, providing prizes for events, handing out flyers, participating in our free lifejacket loan scheme, hosting club and community events, running fishing clinics and just being a reliable phone call away to discuss important fishing issues – we value your support highly!

Fishing in WA continues to get better because of the ongoing support.

If your organisation would like to support Recfishwest and one of our programs, Recfishwest Partnerships and Business Development Manager Tim Grose would love to hear from you.

Call Tim on 9246 3366 for a chat or email at to enquire how your contribution can help support the 750,000 West Aussies who love to go fishing!

Shimano and Recfishwest have forged as strong partnership.

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