The Awesome Autumn of Salmon

Hooked up to one of the world’s best sportsfish – the mighty West Aussie salmon – on some of the world’s best beaches during the autumn salmon run – is one of the great WA fishing experiences for tens of thousands of recfishers.

In the autumn of 2021, Recfishwest and the WA recfishing community celebrated salmon like never before during the Awesome Autumn of Salmon from 1 March to 31 May.

This included a three-month long free app-based fishing comp, the 2021 Salmon Slam, and with the Albany Salmon Spectacular – a three-day salmon fishing event in Albany over the Easter weekend.

Run in partnership with Western Angler magazine, the activities were driven by our goal of protecting the fantastic, safe and accessible sportfishing WA salmon provides and our purpose to ensure great fishing experiences for all in the WA community, forever.

In addition, we have teamed up with Get Hooked sun-safe outdoor adventure wear to produce a limited edition ‘Official Salmon Chaser’ fishing shirt! By buying and wearing one, you can become a brand ambassador for salmon fishing in WA.

Every purchase helps fund the promotion of salmon fishing in the State and helps protect the abundance of salmon that show up every year ‘On the Run’!

What is recreational salmon fishing worth to the WA economy and why does it matter? Find the answers here. 

The fantastic recfishing experiences salmon provides are made possible by the abundance of the WA salmon population and this underpins the social and economic value the species provides for the WA community.

Recfishwest is therefore firmly committed to protecting that abundance and we believe the total annual catch for the species should be maintained at current levels.

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Our ilovefishing website full of great tips and advice about all the gear, locations, techniques and fishing know-how you’ll need to catch a West Aussie salmon.

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Fisheries scientific info about the biology and distribution of salmon.

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