The Awesome Autumn of Salmon

West Aussie salmon are a WA fishing icon and provide some of the world’s best fishing on some of the world’s best beaches!

Hooking up with one of the world’s best sportfish on some of the best beaches during the annual autumn salmon run is one of the great WA fishing experiences for tens of thousands of recfishers.

Postponement of Awesome Autumn of Salmon events until 2021 due to COVID-19 crisis.

We have made the decision to postpone both the Salmon Slam 2020 and the Albany Salmon Spectacular events until next year in light of Government advice regarding COVID-19, non-essential travel and social distancing.

We are urging everyone to be safe and responsible and follow Government guidelines and if you can, stay in your homes for now.

Click here to find out more information on staying safe and being responsible during the COVID-19 crisis.

We had hoped to be able to keep running the Salmon Slam as it is an app-based competition that lends itself to social distancing. However, the latest advice from Government has been very clear advising people to only venture out of their homes if completely necessary. On this basis we think postponing the Slam is the right thing to do.

It was already shaping up to be a fantastic comp with more than 1,000 of you registering and a huge swag of great fishing prizes donated by our amazing sponsors. We are hoping to hold these prizes over to next year and work on making next year’s comp bigger and better than ever before! Thanks to all of you and our magnificent sponsors for your support.

The Salmon Spectacular was organised to be a great draw-card for Albany and the Great Southern attracting fishers from other areas of the State – making it a fishing activity showcasing the great fishing and hospitality the region provides.

However, the recent announcement from the Premier around restrictions coming in preventing people to travel from region to region, and for reasons outlined above, means that postponing this event was the only responsible thing we could do – we had planned to adapt the fishing competition to be run through our Salmon Slam 2020 app to allow people to still fish within the Government’s social isolating guidelines.

But in light of developments and current advice from Government – we decided it is better to throw our efforts into making sure next year’s event is a fishing bonanza befitting of Albany and the Great Southern region.

Ours and recfishing’s future role

Fishing will have a huge role to play post-COVID-19 in boosting our community’s mental health and well-being and rebuilding the regional economy. We will continue to work in the background on developing initiatives and programs that will make fishing even better for West Aussies in recovering from this crisis on the other side. We thank everyone who has thrown their support behind these events – our partners – Western Angler and The Albany Boating and Fishing Club – our many sponsors and participants. We and they will be back!

Drone Shot of Salmon School

The abundance of salmon underpins the fantastic recfishing experience and the social and economic value the species provides for the WA community – we therefore believe it is something that needs to be protected. Find out more about our stance on salmon.

The Value of Recreational Salmon Fishing to the WA Economy

Download Full Research Report (PDF)

Many people would say the experience of catching a spectacular fighting salmon on a beautiful expanse of a WA beach is priceless.

But just how would you put a price and a value and a price on catching this southern icon and why would you want to? The reality is for Government and people in power who make decisions about managing our fisheries, $$$ really do talk. And while traditionally, the dollar value of commercial fisheries to the WA community has long been recorded and scrutinised by economists, this hasn’t been the case for recreational fisheries.

However, in 2019, the Economic Dimensions of Recreational Fishing in Western Australia report determined that, every year, WA recfishers spend $331 million on fishing. This received a lot of attention in the media and community with Premier Mark McGowan announcing the results of the study.

Every year, WA recfishers spend $331 million on fishing.

On February 24 this year, the Premier also announced the results of a similar survey-based study into the economic value of the recreational salmon fishery – funded through the Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund – which determined the value of $331 million is spent by West Aussies on recreational salmon fishing every year.

Much of that – around 80 per cent – is spent in regional WA helping to support businesses and jobs in those areas. This study and the Premier’s recognition of the significance and value of recfishing for is a big step in ensuring the future of this awesome fishery is protected for the future.

“Understanding the economic value of salmon fishing will act as a foundation for promoting the tourism, recreational, and community values provided by salmon. It will also assist the government in determining how WA’s salmon stocks should be best managed in order to provide the State with the best return from this fishery.” – RFIF salmon refishing economics project summary.

Salmon Fishing Resources and Information

Fisheries Scientific Information

Fisheries scientific info about the biology and distribution of salmon.

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