Salmon Slam 2021

The biggest, best salmon comp ever!

Salmon Slam Smartphone App

Salmon Slam 2021 code – #SS2021

How do you fancy entering a FREE three-month long salmon fishing comp – stretching right along the coast wherever there are salmon and open to fishers of all abilities? And what if we said by entering, you could be in the running to win a tinny powered by a Honda four-stroke engine, as well as a heap of super cool fortnightly prizes, including rods, reels and other great gear? Check out all the cool prizes here!

Yeah, where do you sign up, right? Well, all you need to do to enter our Salmon Slam 2021 fishing comp – run in partnership with Western Angler magazine – is to download the Salmon Slam 2021 app (Android and iOS) and take a picture of your salmon next to a tape measure, fish ruler or on a brag mat to show its length next to the code #SS2021, provided through the app.

We’ve upgraded the app this year to include a bunch of cool new features including a live map of where salmon being entered into the comp are caught, a competition stats page and with the popular live leaderboard returning.

The competition runs from 1 March to 31 May and the best pictures of catches uploaded through the app will also be shared through our Facebook and Instagram pages adding to the salmon fever! So don’t delay download the Salmon Slam app today and get on the salmon run with Recfishwest and Western Angler!


Salmon Slam 2021 Prizes

The competition is divided into seven phases. Each phase has its own prize pool, as well as an overall prize pool at the end of the competition.

Competition Categories

  • Open Category (within each fishing phase)

    Four longest salmon.

  • Open Category (over entire fishing phase)

    Four longest salmon.

  • Adult Random

    Random draw from every eligible entry.

  • Junior Random (under 16 years)

    Random draw from every eligible entry.

  • Best Photo

    Awarded to the best photo during each phase.

  • Tagged Fish

    Awarded for capture of any fish specifically tagged for the competition. Tagged fish awards will only be awarded at the end of the competition. In the event that more than one tagged fish is captured, the prize pool will be split equally between all eligible captures.

Competition Rules

  • The competition will run exclusively through the ‘Salmon Slam’ smartphone app, available through the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store;
  • The competition runs from 1 March to 31 May 2021;
  • Entry is free of charge;
  • Competitors can register at any time during the competition; however, competitors must be registered before starting fishing;
  • All fish entered into the competition must be caught in Western Australia;
  • Competition entries must be in the format of a photo of your salmon on a suitable measuring device (see instructions below for further details);
  • A ‘tournament code’ will be distributed on 1 March, and must be visible in all ‘brag mat’ photos;
  • Entries for the ‘best photo’ category must be in the form of a ‘happy snap’ with the angler holding the fish;
  • Photos must be taken at the time and place of capture and fish must be alive in both photos. Any photos containing fish with cut throats or excessive blood will not be eligible. We encourage anglers wishing to keep fish to bleed fish appropriately AFTER the photo is taken;
  • A grand total cash prize of $5,000 will be available for any recapture of tagged salmon;
  • To register a tagged fish take a photo of your capture with a tournament code as outlined in the above rules with the tag clearly showing;
  • If multiple tagged salmon are caught during the competition, the cash prize will be split evenly between the fishers who caught them;
  • In the case of no tagged salmon being caught during the competition, there will be five $1,000 prizes distributed as a part of a random prize draw (for those participants who have submitted fish)
  • The competition is divided into seven phases. Each phase has its own prize pool, as well as an overall prize pool at the end of the competition.

Competition Phases

Competition phases are:

  • Phase 1: March 1 – 11 (Finished)
  • Phase 2: March 12 – 25 (Finished)
  • Phase 3: March 28 – April 8 (Finished)
  • Phase 4: April 9 – April 22 (ongoing)
  • Phase 5: April 23 – May 6
  • Phase 6: May 7 – May  20
  • Phase 7: May 21 – May 31

Salmon Slam Smartphone App

How to log a capture using the app

  1. Ensure you are registered before starting to fish.

  2. Select ‘Salmon Slam 2021’ from the list of events and press enter, you are now set up to log your catches..

  3. Once you have landed your fish, place it on either a Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (Fisheries)ruler or a similar device capable of showing the length of your fish (brag mats and plastic rulers are acceptable). Brag mats must be flat and straight with at least one edge showing. If both edges are hidden under the fish, we may not accept your entry. Try and avoid placing the fish on a hot surface or where sand can damage its eyes. Laying the fish on a wet rag, using wet hands is best practice.

  4. Ensure that the nose of the fish is aligned with the ‘0’ mark on your measuring device.

  5. Ensure the tournament code is visible in the ‘brag mat’ photo. You may like to write it on a piece of paper, or perhaps write it in the sand, were happy for you to be creative!

  6. Take the photo using the Salmon Slam App in a manner by which the length of the fish can be identified by officials. Taking the photo directly above the fish is best.

  7. Use the Salmon Slam App to log the capture.

  8. All prizes will be awarded at Recfishwest’s discretion – as the judges of the competition, our decisions will be final.

  9. Recfishwest reserves the right to disqualify anyone from the competition whose behaviour is judged to bring the Salmon Slam 2020 competition, Recfishwest or the WA fishing community into disrepute.

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