Do you fish for salmon? If so, we want to hear from you

Each year, many fishers venture south to take part in the annual salmon season where large schools of big fish travel along the coast on their annual spawning migration. As these fish travel so close to shore, they’re incredibly accessible for all fishers.

Beach fishing for salmon provides a safe and enjoyable form of fishing for families, where kids have the opportunity of fighting a big fish and creating a memory that will last a lifetime.

Whether you catch and keep your fish, or release them after the fight, salmon fishing from our south coast beaches is ingrained in West Australian culture.

Recfishwest believes the pristine white sandy beaches of the WA coast combined with the splendid sportfishing qualities of this species truly makes this the world’s best fishing on the world’s best beaches.

This survey will help us understand what YOU value most about salmon and it will also provide us with an estimate of the amount of money fishers pump into the economy every year when fishing for salmon. This value will be incredibly useful in advocating for salmon to be managed in a way that will make your fishing experiences even better.

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The survey is open until 30th June 2019. Your participation in this survey will allow Recfishwest to continue to advocate to ensure the great fishing experiences provided by Australian salmon are forever celebrated and enhanced. Ten minutes of your time now can help ensure a life time of great fishing for all.

*This survey is conducted by the Economic Research Association.

Salmon are an incredible sportfish, with acrobatic fighting qualities.