Biodegradable Bait Box draws in ocean-caring fishers

A biodegradable alternative to plastic packaging of bait products? Surely, it’s a no-brainer?

It would seem many WA fishers agree with Mendolia Seafoods’ innovative Bait Box — an ocean-friendly solution to plastic-free fishing — flying out of tackle shops’ freezers.

Troy, of Hillarys Boat and Tackle, says the Burley Brick and Bait Box are both popular products. Picture: Zach Relph / Recfishwest

The biodegradable Bait Box hit the market in August last year with a splash, with aspirations to prevent thousands of plastic bait bags from ending up in the ocean. And, it’s working.

The biodegradable best

Backed by the Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund (RFIF) and Recfishwest, almost 2,000 Bait Boxes have been sold in the six months to April, 2021, through various outlets across Perth and the South West.

“Fishers are increasingly getting on board buying environmentally-friendly fishing products like this,” Recfishwest Partnerships and Business Development Manager Tim Grose said.

“It’s a mark of many fishers aquatic stewardship and their willingness to embrace new concepts which can play a role in keeping the ocean clean.

“Reducing unnecessary fishing waste is really important for the future of our sector and products like the Bait Box are paving the way for plastic-free fishing.”

Mendolia Seafoods’ Bait Box is a fantastic biodegradable alternative to plastic packaging bait products! Picture: Recfishwest

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Mendolia Seafoods are also the brains-trust behind the Burley Brick.

Similar to the Bait Box, the award-winning Burley Brick is made from biodegradable cardboard and is filled with locally-sourced sardine products – making the entire product plastic-free.

“It’s the perfect size to drop straight into your bait basket – no mess, no fuss – a neat and environmentally-friendly solution,” Tim said.

WATCH: Find out more about the Burley Brick

Making change with change

Meanwhile, since Containers for Change was launched in WA last October, WA fishers have helped raise money by recycling empty bottles, cans and other recyclables for Recfishwest.

With 10¢ generated by each eligible drink container recycled through the drink container refund scheme, more than 2,000 containers have been recycled for Recfishwest on behalf of the fishing community with the funds directed towards Recfishwest-led community fish stocking events, kids’ fishing clinics and habitat enhancement projects.

If you have any containers to donate, be sure to donate them to Recfishwest using the ID, C10282428, at your nearest Containers for Change collection point!

Find out how you can donate to fishing-related projects through Containers for Change here.