An ocean-friendly solution to plastic-free fishing to protect our waterways

Perth-based company Mendolia Seafoods has launched an innovative and ocean-friendly alternative to plastic mulie bags in an effort to reduce litter in our oceans, rivers, estuaries and streams.

Recfishwest Operations Lead Matt Gillett proudly displays Mendolia Seafoods’ Bait Box.

Building the success of their award-winning and plastic-free Burley Brick in 2018, Mendolia Seafoods have unveiled their latest biodegradable packaging product, dubbed Bait Box, with support from Recfishwest and the Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund (RFIF).

The Bait Box is aiming to prevent thousands of plastic bait bags from finding their way into the ocean.

Keeping our waterways clean

“We are proud to be associated with Mendolia Seafoods and the Bait Box – it is a fantastic concept that will help reduce unnecessary waste,” Recfishwest CEO Dr Andrew Rowland said.

“As stewards of the aquatic environment, it’s really important we anglers do our bit to keep the ocean clean, and Recfishwest is always eager to find new innovative products to improve fishing practices in this regard, such as the Bait Box.”

Similar to the Bait Box, Mendolia Seafoods’ Burley Brick is made from biodegradable cardboard and is filled with locally-sourced sardines products – making the entire product plastic free!

Speaking at the recent Cockburn Power Boats Club’s snapper info evening, Mendolia Seafoods General Manager Carlo Gosatti detailed the Bait Box’s benefits, generating plenty of interest among the fishers in attendance.

Ask your local tackle store to stock the Bait Box if they don’t already have it in.

The new Bait Box is an ocean-friendly product! Credit: Mendolia Seafoods

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