Containers for Change – an opportunity to make a difference to our waterways

A day’s fishing can be thirsty work, especially if you’ve spent hours fishing from the boat or the beach, which usually leads to a few empty bottles, coffee cartons or cans stashed on deck or in the bait bucket.

That’s why Recfishwest is supporting a new State-wide drinks container refund scheme, Containers for Change, spearheaded by not-for-profit organisation Western Australia Return Recycle Renew, aimed at ensuring those countless empty bottles, cans and other recyclables don’t end up in our waterways.

Launching on 1 October, Containers for Change lets you cash in eligible drink containers for 10¢ each, which you can keep for yourself or donate towards programs run by Recfishwest that make fishing better like fish stocking programs or building new artificial reefs.

If you want to donate your funds from the scheme to fishing projects such as community fish stocking events, kids’ fishing clinics and habitat enhancement projects, simply:

  1. Place your eligible containers in your own biodegradable bags or in the bags provided at the bag drop site.
  2. Drop off your containers at a donation location close to you.
  3. Use the Recfishwest scheme ID at the refund point – C10282428 (ID available under ‘Other’ section of the Recfishwest app).

Help us make a change for the better

Containers for Change could help generate funds for projects such as our artificial reefs program.

Recfishwest Partnerships and Business Development Manager Tim Grose said the initiative was an exciting opportunity for WA recfishers to raise cash to make fishing even better in WA, while limiting plastic waste impact on our environment.

“As stewards of the aquatic environment, we need to continue to play an important role in ensuring our oceans, rivers, estuaries and streams are kept clean and minimise litter like plastic bottles going in the water – because we all know healthy habitats make for great fishing,” Tim said.

“Containers for Change encourages fishers dispose of their bottles, cans and cartons while making a contribution to WA fishing or if they prefer, put the cash straight into their back pockets.

“But with more than 750,000 fishers in WA, imagine the difference we could make to our aquatic environments by supporting this scheme.

“We can step up and play a big part here in slashing the impact of plastic waste on our oceans – after all, we are champions of sustainable fish stocks and healthy fish habitats.”

Remember to remove all lids before taking them to a donation location.

For more information, visit the Containers for Change website here.

The initiative could help release more pink snapper.