Young passionate team ride the Next Wave and commit to your fishing

In early July, 14 quality candidates were selected for Recfishwest’s 2018 Next Wave Program, joining us for five days of fast paced learning as part of their 2 year term commitment to make fishing better in Western Australia.

Team member Aaron Moses, a marine science graduate who is passionate about sustainable fishing practices and fisheries management, speaks of his experience below. Continue reading “Young passionate team ride the Next Wave and commit to your fishing”

Fourteen candidates get on board for 2018 Next Wave Future Leaders Program

Thank you to all those that applied for the 2018 round of the Next Wave Future Leaders Program.

Recfishwest are happy to announce we have 14 quality candidates joining the team!

Team members will learn about Fisheries Management, Leadership and Communications over a two year term and work towards becoming leaders and ambassadors in the recreational fishing industry.

Past programs have provided fantastic benefits back to the sector. Let’s take a look at past team members and where they are now (click here).

“Joining the Next Wave team is not a free ride, you’ll work hard, you’ll learn, you’ll melt your brain with all the new information that becomes available to you but you will meet people, learn new things and open doors that might otherwise never open. All it takes is passion and a little commitment,” Luke Doherty, previous NextWave participant, said.

Entries now open for the 2018 Next Wave applicants

Do you love fishing? Do you have a passion for making a difference in your community? Do you believe Western Australia should have the best fishing found anywhere in the world? Do you want to influence fisheries management in WA?

If so, we want to hear from you!

Recfishwest believes WA can offer the best fishing experiences found anywhere in the world, and the team is passionate about offering positions on the Next Wave Future Leaders team for driven individuals who are willing to commit to ensuring this vision is reached.

If you want to get involved, you should:

  • Love fishing;
  • Have a clear vision for the future of fishing in WA;
  • Be between the ages of 18 to 35 years;
  • Be available to volunteer to help with projects and events that seek to achieve this vision;
  • Be able to operate in a team environment;
  • Be able to commit to a two year term on the Next Wave team.

We will:

  • Provide an environment for you to help make fishing better in WA, including:
    • Entry level training in fisheries management, advocacy, community engagement and leadership skills
    • Personal and professional development opportunities
    • Opportunities to contribute to fisheries decision making
    • Building knowledge through exposure to fisheries management and leadership experts

Being part of the NextWave team is challenging, exciting, sometimes confronting, but ultimately extremely rewarding.

Previous participants in this program have gone onto achieve great things in fisheries management.  Many now occupy roles in the recreational fishing sector and many future opportunities exist for the right people who are committed to making a difference.

Personal and professional leadership skill development assisted us in learning how to interpret and utilise the knowledge and skills we learnt to make changes and enhance fishing in WA.

“This course not only taught me valuable information about the fish and hobby I love, but created a great new network of friends and opened a door to a career in recreational fishing,” Nick Drummond, who now works at Triple 8 Abalone Hatchery in Bremer Bay, said.

Recfishwest CEO Dr Andrew Rowland added:

“This program unearths young talent to help further our commitment to protect and develop sustainable, enjoyable and safe fishing for all West Australians.”

If you are as passionate about fishing as we are, call Matt at Recfishwest on 9246 3366 to discuss the available positions and application process.

Submissions close 25 May.