Tagged Barra Caught Seven Years After Original Release in Roebuck Bay

A recent capture of a tagged barra in Dampier Creek near Broome has shown stocking programs can and do pay long-term fishing dividends.

Barramundi being released back in 2012

Steve Chambers from Tackle World Broome recently reported one of his customers had caught a 76cm-long tagged barramundi in Dampier Creek.

The barra was later identified as a stocked fish from a batch of 1,000 barra released in Dampier Creek, Roebuck Bay in 2012 – as part of a stocking program funded by one of our Community Grants – click here for more info about community grants.

At the time of its release on 16 August 2012,  the fish – ‘barra no.1873’ – measured 39.5cm.

It’s great to see this fish, reared by the Broome Aquaculture Centre of Kimberley TAFE, being caught and showing that the released fish are still out there and continuing to provide fishing experiences.

The fish, before their release, were screened for their high health status and were expected to have a great survival rate.

While the fish appears to have been relatively slow-growing, the recapture reflects how much of a long-term investment stocked fish like these are providing benefits to the fishing community a number of years later.

Barramundi being released back in 2012

Relive the Excitement – Snapper Guardians is Back!

After two hugely successful years, we are excited to announce that Snapper Guardians is back! Relive the excitement all over again, bring your friends and family down and be a part of something special.

Recfishwest will be holding a community release event on Saturday, February 10th at Woodman Point and everyone who loves fishing and Pink Snapper are once again invited. You would remember that the Snapper Guardians initiative was born out of the concerns of recreational fishers over the Cockburn Sound fish kill in late 2015, and their desire to protect this important metro fishery.

The incredible community support and Recfishwest’s leadership in conducting the project resulted in the State Government committing to full funding for Snapper Guardians to continue in 2018 and another batch of juvenile pinkies to be released.

Those who have attended previous Snapper Guardian events will tell you that one of the highlights is the atmosphere, with hundreds of families being able to directly release fish into the water, run around on the beach and soak up the West Aussie lifestyle. It is a day out with the family you do not want to miss.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Event Details:
Where: Jervoise Bay, Woodman Point

When: 10am- 11.30am Saturday, 10th February 2018
Number of Fish Being Released: 5,000
What You Need to Bring: Family, Camera, Hat, Sunscreen, Snorkel for those who want to get in the water.

The Snapper Guardians story is one of which recreational fishers can be very proud. We’d love to see you down on the beach releasing your fish and please share with us your pics on the day. Simply take a pic, upload it to Facebook or Twitter, tag in @recfishwest or hashtag #Snapperguardians #Recfishwest #ilovefishing