Recfishers’ experiences and views of shark bite-off sought through online survey

Recfishers and charter operators are being asked to complete an online survey gauging their views and experiences of shark bite-offs when fishing

An announcement was made by the Fisheries Minister Peter Tinley earlier in the month for long overdue action to finally investigate shark bite-off prevention strategies and give recfishers the chance to have their say on the issue.

Part of the study includes the online survey which is being run the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development fisheries scientists.

The survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete and all information collected will be treated as confidential.


Shark bite-offs are without doubt the number one issue impacting on recfishers’ fishing experiences in the north of the State – and we’ve repeatedly requested that action be taken around this deeply frustrating problem for a number of years now.

Good science holds the key

We are pleased to see the highest authority in fisheries has acknowledged the problem and we have a starting point for moving forward with a project exploring solutions to bite-offs, along with a focus on surveying the views of recfishers and charter boat operators.

Good data and science holds the key to the problem and will allow a proper investigation of all options including testing shark repellent devices adaptable to recfishing gear – also in the scope of this project.

Whatever solution is supported by the science, this initiative at last represents a genuine start in tackling this significant problem.