COVID-19 crisis – Be safe, be responsible and follow Government guidelines

Recfishwest is urging all WA fishers to take responsibility during the COVID-19 crisis and follow all the recommended precautions by the Government around social distancing and non-essential travel between regions.

We all love fishing and its value for mental health and well-being is greater than ever right now with it providing many in our community a much-needed break during these stressful times.

However, advice from the Government last night was very clear: if you can stay at home, you should stay at home.

We each have a responsibility as fishers to protect ourselves, our families and our community. This means we all need to play our role as individuals and strictly follow the guidance of both the Commonwealth and State Governments to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Social distancing is a critical component of the current advice.

Social distancing rules for outdoors state that you must maintain 1.5m of space (4m2) between yourself and another person during non-essential activities. The 1.5m rule applies to boat and land-based fishing. It does not apply to members of your family or household.

In order to do our part in preventing the spread and to save lives, fishers need to:

  • Stay home where possible to minimise social interactions.
  • Fish locally only, near where you live and limit your time away from home.
  • Fish with your direct household members (no mates or extended family).
  • Travel directly to and from your home to prevent any social interactions.
  • Maintain spatial distancing of 1.5 metres from other people
  • Do not congregate at land-based fishing locations, instead look for more secluded alternatives
  • Stay away from popular man-made fishing structures such as jetties
  • Do not go fishing if you are in quarantine
  • If you are unwell, you must self-isolate, do not go fishing if self-isolating

The situation is rapidly changing and we all have a responsibility to keep ourselves up-to-date and follow the latest advice – we advise people follow the Department of Health’s advice as the most credible source. We will do our best to keep you informed.


Fishing holiday and regional travel plans to go on hold

Yesterday, the WA Premier Mark McGowan announced laws are being drafted to restrict non-essential travel between regions to protect regional WA.

“Please stop your holidays, stay home – just do your essential stuff,” said the Premier at his press conference.

This will be a great disappointment to many who were looking forward to their fishing trips or holiday plans to regional WA for Easter. It also means we have had to postpone our Albany Salmon Spectacular 2020 event due to take place over the Easter Holidays. We will focus our efforts on making it a salmon fishing bonanza next year that the region deserves.

It is essential for everyone to put the health of our community, especially those most vulnerable, first.  We each have to do our part as West Aussies to get through to the other side – when recfishing will have a huge part to play in the social, well-being and economic recovery of this great State of ours.

Please stay safe, look after your loved ones and play your part.

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