Pool of $5,000 on offer for Salmon Slam fishers who catch a tagged salmon

The joy of catching salmon with family and friends is priceless, but imagine if you were lucky enough to hook a tagged fish from a huge school which could potentially net you five grand in cold, hard cash?

Western Angler editor Scott Coghlan has been busy catching and tagging salmon along the south coast recently as part of the Awesome Autumn of Salmon’s three-month long Salmon Slam comp.

With tagged salmon swimming among massive migratory schools travelling northwards along the south coast, Salmon Slam 2021 competitors have the chance to catch a fish worth a possible $5,000.

Morris Wilkinson with one of the many recently tagged salmon which could net you cold, hard cash!

How does it work?

There’s a grand total $5,000 cash prize to be claimed by salmon chasers who catch a tagged salmon between now and the end of Salmon Slam on 31 May.

The $5,000 will be divided between fishers who catch tagged salmon, so if one tagged salmon is caught, one fisher wins $5,000.

However, if two fishers catch a tagged salmon each, they take $2,500 each, four fisher who catch tagged salmon get $1,250 each and so on.

Lachlan Carter had a great time catching, tagging and releasing salmon for the Slam.

Make the Awesome Autumn of Salmon more awesome!

Recfishwest Operations Officer Aaron Moses reminded fishers who might be chasing tagged salmon — “you have to be signed-up to Salmon Slam 2021 to claim the prize”.

“If you’re lucky enough to catch one of these tagged salmon, you’d want to be able to collect the portion of the cash,” Aaron said. “So, download the Salmon Slam 2021 app from the Apple or Google Play app stores and register today.

“It’s the abundance of these fantastic great southern sportfish that makes them so accessible and that supports great fishing experiences like this.”

Tagged salmon are swimming among the migratory schools for you to catch.

Rods, reels, lures and much, much more

It’s not just cash which is up for grabs as part of the Salmon Slam — there are many fortnightly prizes on offer over the course of the three-month competition.

The 2021 Salmon Slam is now in its second of seven phases, with the second phase set to conclude next Thursday, 25 March.

Nathan Woods has claimed a suite of awesome fishing prizes, after taking out the first phase open category, while four-year-old Lachlan Woods’ won the ‘Best Photo’ category.

With up to $5,000 in cash on offer for catching a tagged salmon, not to mention many other fortnightly prizes, entering Salmon Slam is a must!

Read more about the first Salmon Slam first phase winners here

The phase’s prize winners will be announced next Friday, 26 March.

With rods, reels and lure packs among the prizes on offer, headlined by the comp’s Seajay 3.5m dinghy and outboard package top-prize, valued at more than $9,000, and you’re going salmon fishing anyway, why wouldn’t you take part?

Download the Salmon Slam app, upload a pic with your catch and the #SS2021 code written in the sand or on the brag mat and get stuck into the salmon action for your chance to win!