Liberals pledge $36 million for recfishing election package

The WA Liberals have released their recfishing election package, which pledges $36 million of spending on recreational fishing boosting activities, ahead of March’s State Election.

In a media statement, Liberals leader Zak Kirkup recognised the importance of recfishing to the WA lifestyle and economy and outlined the key components of their package.

More artificial reefs, mean more chances to catch great fish – just check out these red emperor and golden trevally at King Reef!

These include:

  • Increasing the percentage of recreational license fees that go into the Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund from 25 per cent to 50 per cent, doubling the current funding to $4.2 million per year over five years;
  • $12.5 million over five years from Royalties for Regions to provide funding for a regional fish restocking program including pink snapper in Carnarvon and Denham, barramundi in Broome, Derby and Lake Argyle, yellowtail kingfish and baldchin groper in Geraldton and the Mid West and marron in the South West;
  • $1 million to increase funding to deliver recreational fishing safety initiatives;
  • The creation of a dedicated recreational fishing team within the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development; and,
  • $12m to develop five additional artificial reefs at Drummond’s Cove, Burns Beach, Mandurah, Port Beach and Busselton.

Read the Liberal Party’s media statement about their recfishing election package here

Stocking more marron in the South West will be funded under the Liberals’ recfishing package.

“It’s great to see the Liberal Party recognises the importance of recfishing to the WA community and have appeared to have put some thought into their proposed recfishing package,” Recfishwest CEO Dr Andrew Rowland said.

“In the lead up to the election we look forward to seeing what the other parties have to offer in the way of funding commitments and proposed initiatives that can make our fishing experiences even better and recognise the $4.2 billion that the State’s 750,000 recfishers contribute every year.

“We will ensure we will keep the recfishing community up to date with what is being put on the table by all the parties, so recfishers can make up their minds how they want to vote come election day.”

WA Liberals are pledging $1 million to increase funding to deliver recreational fishing safety initiatives, which could include installing more angel rings at high-risk fishing locations.