Forty species seen on Exmouth’s newest fishing playground

Here’s what we sent to our members earlier in the week!

Exmouth’s newest fishing playground King Reef has been in the water for four months now and locals are already reporting some great catches from the reef.

With recent footage collected by Curtin University and Exmouth Reef Vision volunteers, we are also seeing some amazing footage from the sea floor.

In an Australian first, six giant steel structures combined with purpose-built concrete modules were deployed in the Exmouth Gulf only 10 minutes from the Exmouth Marina – providing safe and accessible experiences for families in small boats.

With a reef the equivalent of 11 Olympic size swimming pools, WA’s latest reef is one of the fastest developing reefs in Australia and will only get better!

As a Recfishwest Member we want to share with you first, the second look of fish that are calling the reef home. Forty species have now been recorded on King Reef!

Recently observed golden trevally, amberjack, pearl perch and saddle tail seaperch have joined abundant juvenile red emperor, big estuary cod, Rankin cod, spangled emperor, tuskfish and flathead, just to name a few.

Did you miss the first look at King Reef back in September? You can check that out, including the coordinates for the reef, here.

Artificial reefs in Western Australia have been a product of community drive and passion with local fishers pushing for reef installations, transforming areas devoid of bottom structure and habitat to underwater ‘forests’.

Artificial reefs have also benefited the broader local community by supporting local businesses and the economy through increased fishing tourism. The artificial reefs provide not only an opportunity for ecological growth under the water, but also social and economic growth for the community.

So next time you’re in Exmouth, make sure you pay King Reef a visit!