As part of its commitment to negotiating the best possible outcomes for recreational fishers, Recfishwest has a dedicated team to communicate its outcomes through many media outlets.

Traditional Media Outlets
Recfishwest regularly put out media releases covering current issues affecting recreational fishing. These are often picked up by traditional media outlets such as newspapers, television and radio stations. We also use this website to display both the most up to date media releases and any of our archived media.

We can be heard on the radio in the South West on most Saturday mornings, in the local papers up North and throughout the media in the Perth metro area.

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Online Media
Recfishwest utilises online media in the form of this website for the efficient distribution of media articles.

Recfishwest uses social media to communicate up to date recreational fishing information, projects, news and events with all of it’s stakeholders. You can visit our Facebook page by clicking here.

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Recfishwest sends out an online, electronic newsletter covering interesting issues involving recreational fishing. This is a free service, and interested parties can sign-up by clicking here.

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Visit the following pages in this section for further information:
Media releases - Recfishwest’s statements on developments in the recreational fishing sector

Latest News & Events - the latest information on developments in the recreational fishing sector and any upcoming events