The Must Have Lure of 2018

Following on from three years of hugely successful Recfishwest Limited Edition Membership Lures, 12-year-old Tayla Andrew from Stratham (near Bunbury), has designed our 2018 Limited Edition lure, called the ‘Soarer 2000.’

In partnership with local WA lure and tackle specialists Halco, Recfishwest gave kids at the 2017 Perth International Boat Show the chance to design Recfishwest’s 2018 Limited Edition Lure and become fishing famous.

A keen fisher with an eye for lure design, young Tayla designed the Limited Edition lure with the aim of catching a Salmon or Tailor from her local beach near Bunbury. The Roosta Popper design is a blend of orange and gold with a hot pink cup at the front of the lure. This is the first year the Recfishwest Limited Edition lure is not a Laser Pro, with the new Roosta Popper providing different fishing experiences for species such as Trevally, Queenfish, Tailor and Salmon.

We’ve now seen four Limited Edition lures come from the fishers of tomorrow with 5-year-old Sarah, twins Dean and Rylee, age 10, 12-year-old Luke and now 12 year old Tayla bringing the Members of Recfishwest a lure you can’t get anywhere else in the world!!

So, how do you get your hands on one?

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From humble texter beginnings to a Halco Limited Edition Lure!
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  2. Or, renew your current Recfishwest Premium Membership with us. All renewing Premium Members will still receive the new Limited Edition Lure, but instead of receiving a T-shirt every year, you’ll receive a new member’s only drink cooler for 2018, adding to your Recfishwest merchandise.

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