FADs photo competition – all the info you need to know!

To celebrate the great fishing opportunities at FADs currently between Albany and Jurien Bay (more to come at other locations soon), we’re giving away some quality prizes thanks to Richter Lures and Madfish Gear simply for catching a fish at the devices between 1 March – 1 May and sending in a snap of your fish!

Thanks to Madfish and Richter Lures, we have three fish bags to give away to the top three images, along with a load of Richter skirts for 4th-10th place!


Best photo: An XL Madfish Fishing Bag (to keep your catches frosty) with 10x Richter skirt lures inside.
2nd best photo: A medium-sized Madfish Fishing Bag with 10x Richter skirt lures inside.
3rd best photo: A medium-sized Madfish Fishing Bag with 5x Richter skirt lures inside.
4th-10th place: Each receive a handful of Richter skirts and lures!


1) Visit any of the FADs (Can find their exact GPS coordinates here);
2) Catch a pelagic sportfish (via boat or spearfishing) and take a photo of your catch that reflects our responsible fish handling practices (linked below) with the FAD clearly visible behind you. This means avoiding images where there is blood visible, cutting the fish’s throat, having your fingers in the fish’s gills, holding the fish vertically, etc).
3) Message a photo of your catch to our Facebook or Instagram page detailing where and when you caught it;
4) Keep an eye on our socials when we announce the winners after May 1!


These two images are perfect examples of the kind of images that would win prizes – treating the fish with respect, high-definition snaps and with the FADs visible in the background!