Tackle Shop Talk – Damien Lane, Dunsborough Outdoor Sportz

Many in the tackle industry have been doing it tough in recent weeks. And with local tackle store often being at the beating heart of a local recfishing community, we’re giving some of  the unsung heroes who run them a bit of the limelight over the next few weeks. This week we hear from Damien Lane from Dunsborough Outdoor Sportz.

RFW: How and when did you get involved with your tackle store?

DL: I got involved in the tackle game after returning to Dunsborough from working in Arnhem Land as a fishing guide. Seeing no shop like this in Dunsborough, I started Dunsborough Outdoor Sportz 22 years ago. 

Flamin’ marvellous  – Damien with a cracker of a flametail snapper

RFW: What do you enjoy about working in the business?

DL: I enjoy the many contacts and friends I have made through the business as well as the ability to do some awesome fishing, hunting, spearing, camping and 4WD trips with friends. 

RFW: What makes your customers keep coming back for more? 

DL: I guess what keeps our customers coming back is our personal touch and ability to give advice on a broad range of fishing and spearing topics, as well as stocking a good range of quality gear. 

RFW: How have you adapted the business to life under COVID?

DL: I have adapted the business to life under COVID by implementing a code of cleanliness, going cash-free (taking cash again now though) and limiting the number of customers in store. We are also doing local deliveries, adhering to social distancing and requesting hand sanitisation upon entering the store. There is no trying on of dive masks, goggles, etc allowed. 

RFW: What’s a hot tackle item in your store at the moment?  

DL: The hot item in the shop at the moment would be salmon lures. On days of good salmon action stickbaits, minnows, poppers, plugs and metals, as well as plastics, all sell well. 

RFW: If you were Fisheries Minister for a day and you could change one thing, what would it be? 

DL: If I was Fisheries Minister for a Day I would look at closing commercial shark netting in Geographe Bay. 

RFW: What’s your favourite fishing destination in WA and why?

DL: This is a hard one – it would be a toss-up between barra fishing on the Ord, spearing the Islands off Onslow, beach fishing the big white beaches east of Esperance or fishing out of Dunsborough chasing our quality demersals. I reckon at times the serenity of our rivers in the forestchasing trout and perch is also very rewarding. 

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