Recfishwest AGM and Annual Report – reflecting on another great year

Recfishwest held our annual AGM on 19 November at the Boating Industry Association of WA in Burswood. In reflecting recreational fishing achievements for 2018/19, some highlights included;

Recfishwest staff Ben Carlish, Vanessa Abbott, Matt Gillett and Leyland Campbell
  • The launch of the groundbreaking Economic Dimensions report which demonstrated recreational fishing in Western Australia directly contributes at least $2.4 billion to our local economy.
  • Seeing the fishing community embrace measures designed to protect spawning Pink Snapper in Cockburn sound.
  • Creating a mandate to bring back bigger blue swimmer crabs after almost 4,000 people completed our crab survey
  • The deployment of Western Australia’s biggest purpose-built reef in Exmouth’s inner Gulf.
  • Seeing recreational fishing licence money used to resolve resource sharing conflict with the commercial fishing sector in Derby

These were just some of the great achievement for 2018/19 that Recfishwest and our members celebrated at the AGM.


At the AGM, Recfishwest Chairman Tim Bray acknowledged the contributions of outgoing board member Tania Douthwaite and thanked her for her dedication to the Communications Committee and the Recfishwest Board. He welcomed Geoff Ellis who was reappointed to the Board as well as Liam Surridge who became Recfishwest’s newest board member. Liam brings a wealth of expertise in financial management and has been involved in Recfishwest for some time now as part of the Recfishwest Freshwater Reference Group and our Finance, Audit and Risk committee.

To see who else is on Recfishwest’s board, click here. 

Recfishwest Fishing Clinic instructor Luke Doherty alongside Liam Surridge and staff member James Florisson
Liam Surridge joins Recfishwest’s board alongside Tim Bray (middle). Tim has been reappointed as the Chairman for another two-year term. Right: Andrew Rowland Recfishwest CEO.

Tim was delighted to be re-appointed as the Chairman for another two-year term. Tim also continues to further contribute as a member of the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee and Chair of the Nomination and Remuneration committee.

On behalf of the Recfishwest board and team, we greatly thank you for your ongoing support of this great organisation. Our purpose has never been clearer; our team continues to work harder than ever and, as a result, great things are happening to enhance fishing experiences in Western Australia. We encourage you to get your family and friends to jump on board with us and help us grow our membership to keep fishing fantastic in WA for generations to come.” Tim Bray – Recfishwest 2019 AGM

Stuart Bowman and Stewart King from the South West representing freshwater fishing at the Recfishwest AGM