Fisheries Minister confirms herring trap net fishery to remain closed

Many WA fishers would have great memories – especially as youngsters – of catching the humble herring.

These little fish are the heroes and lifeblood of fishing in WA, hence why the species is such an important part of the State’s recreational fishing culture.

This is why, in 2014, Recfishwest embraced changes to herring management which helped ensure sustainability by allowing hundreds of tonnes of additional herring to spawn every year.

Fisheries Minister Joe Francis recently confirmed that current management controls for Australian herring would remain.

This means the recreational bag limit of 12 herring will continue. The relatively low valued trap net Herring fishery, which was catching two out of every three herring caught in WA and selling a large portion as a low-value crayfish bait will remain closed.

These measures were adopted after stock assessment revealed herring stocks were at risk. The results of a recent review of herring indicate that management intervention is still required to support stock recovery. The current arrangements are deemed appropriate, having already proved sufficient in meeting the catch reduction requirements.

The Minister’s decision reflects Recfishwest’s belief that herring are far more valuable on the end of a kids fishing line than as bait in the bottom of a cray pot. Australian herring represent a far greater value to recreational fishers as a safe and accessible inshore species for fishers of all abilities to enjoy.

Recfishwest is pleased to see that the government continues to prioritise the use of herring for recreational and human consumption purposes in line with community expectations.

Who doesn’t love a feed of herring?