Scott Coghlan’s 2023 highlights

Western Angler Editor Scott Coghlan has certainly made the most of 2023 from a fishing perspective! From chasing queenfish and GT’s at the Mackerel Islands to having his first ever battle with European pike on the River Thames, Scott has had a fine time wetting a line across many picturesque waterways in WA and around the world.

Hear from Scott as he exclusively shares some of his fishing highlights from 2023 with Recfishwest.

Fishing with glee in 2023

Looking back through my fishing photos from 2023, it reminded me just how much fun I’ve had over the past 12 months.

With so much going on in fishing this year it has been easy to forget about the actual times I’ve cast a line. I’ve seemed to be constantly engaged in debates around the many changes to fishing rules and access, and it’s been somewhat overwhelming at times.

But as soon as I get away from the phone and computer and actually fish, I am immediately taken away from those stresses and reminded about why I love it so much. And the truth is I am lucky enough to do more fishing, and in more great locations than most people, and for that I can only feel blessed. All of which did come back to me as I scrolled through the pictures on my computer.

New Zealand

Ian Brown cast into a tree and pulled out this nice NZ brown trout.
Salmon action at Bremer Bay.
Scott Coghlan with his first pike, caught in the Thames River.

Mackerel Islands

Two beautiful Glenelg River barramundi for Heather Doy and Ashley Prescott.

Cast of Thousands

Scott Coghlan was one of Recfishwest’s Cast of Thousands ambassadors for 2023!