Future-Proofing Marron Stocks

Marron fishing is a uniquely West Aussie experience that takes place in our beautiful south west forest region.  Over 10,000 people purchase a licence each year and head down south with friends and family to enjoy this fishing experience.

While many of us were enjoying the well-earned Christmas break, Recfishwest staff and volunteers were busy assisting with a local project that has trialled the stocking of marron into Harvey Dam. The team were knee deep in mud removing thousands of marron from ponds at the Pemberton Hatchery in early January, where the marron were cleaned, packed and transported to Harvey Dam for release.

We’re pleased to report that over 5500 juvenile marron were released into the dam on Friday 4th of Jan, with the help of the local Harvey community.

This stocking is part of a project which has been investigating new and innovative ways of future-proofing our important marron stocks.

It’s important that we begin to investigate different opportunities in this space, given that a drying climate will almost certainly place increased pressure on marron stocks going forward. Stocking is one way that we believe can relieve some of this pressure in the long term.

If you haven’t tried catching marron before, its heaps of fun and we’ve compiled a how-to guide to get you started. You can read it here:  https://recfishwest.org.au/news/snaring-a-feed-of-south-west-marron/

It’s critical that we continue to investigate strategies that will ensure the long term sustainability of this activity. While this stocking effort was a trial, stocking marron on a larger scale in the future is something that we are currently working towards as we strive to protect, maintain and enhance our quality fishing experiences.

Imagine a future where you and your family could go marroning every weekend!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the project lead Andrew Matthews from Ecotone Consulting, as well as the volunteers who made this stocking possible.

We hope to see you out in the bush chasing marron over the next few weeks as we take in our beautiful south west region and create more marron memories. The season is open Tuesday 8th January and runs until the 5th of February.