Remember Eddy Lawler’s and Clay Hilbert’s Massive Marlin?!

Peak Sportfishing Adventurer Eddy Lawler went fishing on New Years Day 2018 on his 36-foot Black Watch boat the Black Marlin with angler Clay Hilbert….. returning with a blue marlin weighing 1089 pounds, or 496.3 kilograms!

”There is always one thing no matter what your passion that drives you to push and push and push, and well for us its the search for Australia’s first Giant Blue Marlin weighing over 1000lb. New years day 2018 was where our paths crossed again, this time in glamour conditions and with one of those fish that sends shivers down your spine as soon as you see it!”

After an anticipating weight, this incredible animal named the GRANDER BLUE is now on permanent display in Bluewater Tackleworld Exmouth!

To see the mould creation process visit Peak Sportfishing.

Congratulations again to Captain Eddy Lawler of Peak Sportfishing and angler Clay Hilbert, along with deckhand Wes Jones and assistant crew Leigh Freestone and Hayley Dellar on the catch that made history on New Year’s Day 2018!

”This fish will now live on forever and anyone wishing to grab a photo of themselves with such a big marlin, can do so daily. The sheer size of this fish is massive. We look forward to receiving the details of how old the fish is, which is believed to be around 15yrs. You have to see it…..its mind-blowing.” – Tackleworld Exmouth Owner Jeni Gates.

Read the WA today article here.

To view more images visit the Bluewater Tackleworld Exmouth Facebook Page.