Salmon Spectacular 2021 terms and conditions

Taking part in the inaugural Salmon Spectacular? Read all the terms and conditions here:

  • Pre-comp briefing will be held at Albany Boating and Fishing Club, Emu Point, on Friday, 2 April, from 6pm to 8pm;
  • Day 1 weigh-in will be at Albany Boating and Fishing Club, Emu Point, on Saturday, 3 April, from 5pm to 7pm;
  • Final weigh-in will be at Albany Boating and Fishing Club, Emu Point, on Sunday, 4 April, from 4pm to 6pm.

The competition’s fishing hours will be from 6am, 3 April, to 2pm, 4 April.

Register via the Salmon Slam 2021 app or at Friday’s pre-competition briefing. All fishers must be registered to weigh-in at club or enter through app, by 6am on 3 April.

The competition is entry and teams can be of one to four fishers, of all ages.

Fish can be entered via app (unlimited) or at weigh in (two fish per day maximum per team). Measurement will be used for entries and be done from nose to tip.

Recfishwest’s Zach Relph with a salmon, near Manypeaks!

A unique code will be provided and must appear in brag mat pictures for them to be eligible. Fish can be caught from shore or boat, kayak, jet ski or SUP, but must be line caught.

Anyone fishing from the rocks MUST be wearing a PFD in the photo to enter – although we encourage fishers competing in the competition to keep the sand between their toes and fish from the beach instead, if they are inexperienced at rock fishing or if there is any doubt about swell and weather conditions.

App entries must include two photos, one of the angler holding the fish and the other featuring the fish on a good quality brag mat or fish ruler (in a natural position).

Fish entered into the competition either via the app or at the weigh-in must be presented in good condition (competition officials to rule on eligibility).