Recfishwest disappointed in fishing licence increase

In June, Fisheries Minister Dave Kelly announced all WA fishing licences will increase by $5 as of July 8, 2017.

This is an outcome of a State Government review of fees and charges, which has also seen other increases in day to day expenses for West Aussies. Recfishwest is disappointed with this increase and that we were not consulted on it.

After discussions with the Minister seeking assurance that programs such as the RFIF (Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund) are not going to be lost as an outcome of this review, with Minister Kelly confirming funding to the RFIF and Recfishwest will not be impacted.

Recfishwest will be working hard to ensure every cent of the additional $1 million the Government will receive from this increase delivers maximum benefit to the fishing community who are paying.

It’s important that the community has clarity on government expenditure we expect that the Premiers promised “gold standard of transparency” as continually spruiked by the new Government, is also applied to fishing licence revenues.

New pricing for recreational fishing licences (as of July 8, 2017) below:

  • Fishing from boat (State-wide) $35;
  • Rock Lobster $45;
  • South West freshwater angling $45;
  • Net fishing (haul, set, throw) $45;
  • Abalone $45;
  • Maroon $45;

You still do not require a licence to fish from the shore in WA.

Current concession discounts will remain, for more information visit the DPIRD website here.