Latest Commonwealth Marine Park Plan: Better Outcome for Fishing

Recfishwest welcomed the latest Commonwealth Marine Reserves network plans, released in July 2017, which recognises the importance of fishing in WA. Recfishwest Operations Manager Leyland Campbell said:

”These new plans deliver a more balanced approach than we have seen in the past and i am pleased  the value of recreational fishing in key areas has been acknowledged.”

“These plans are definitely a large improvement on the plans produced by the previous Government which significantly impacted on fishing access,” Mr Campbell said.

“After years of uncertainty and long drawn-out discussions, today’s announcement is a better outcome for fishing, and a better outcome for the community.”

“These new plans maintain access to many of the iconic fishing locations around WA, including the Rottnest Trench and the South West’s Geographe Bay, both of which had previously been earmarked for closed areas. This means West Aussies can continue to sustainably fish these places for generations to come.”

“Some of the issues of most concern that we raised with the Commonwealth Government  appear to have been taken on board.”

“We will be looking at the draft management plans very closely during the consultation period and providing further feedback into the process.”

Recfishwest support marine parks that are created for the purpose of recreation, science, education, conservation and enhanced visitor experiences. We believe marine park zoning must be underpinned by science and should be implemented using simple, practical management that is risk-based, transparent and subject to regular review.

To compare zoning in the old management plan to the latest draft management plan click the links below.

South-west Commonwealth Marine Reserve Network Comparison

North-west Commonwealth Marine Reserve Network Comparison

To have your say on the draft management plans, click here. Submissions close, 20 September.