Landmark recfishing development plan sets future agenda for Government’s support for fishing in WA

The Fisheries Minister Don Punch has announced a landmark fishing development plan that sets out a roadmap for delivering a set of bold initiatives and actions that will shape fishing in WA over the next three years and beyond.

The WA Recreational Fishing Development Plan is a program for better fishing access, less restrictions and fisheries management focused on positive experiences through initiatives such as more artificial reefs, FADs, jetties, and the development of freshwater fisheries, as well as better data and communications.


The plan – developed with the full support of the Minister and Government – will guide investments that maximise fishing enjoyment all within the boundaries of sustainable fisheries management.

The plan focuses on four key areas outlining specific initiatives

  • Better understanding, capturing and promoting all the benefits recreational fishing provides;
  • Maintaining and improving fishing access for both land and boat-based fishers;
  • Stewardship and leadership of recreational fishing; and
  • Utilising digital technology in an everchanging world.


Recfishwest CEO Dr Andrew Rowland said “The release of this plan is a great outcome, having ascertained a commitment from the Premier prior to the 2021 election to see this plan implemented.

“At a time of competing priorities for Government, the plan will provide a clear pathway to navigate the challenges of a growing population, improved technology, changes in community expectations, environmental changes and finding the right balance with other stakeholders often with differing views on how our fish are best managed.

“This is a sector-driven plan aligned to the purpose of Recfishwest in representing and delivering outcomes in the best interests of the State’s fishers. This plan will help ensure regulators and agencies understand the needs of our sector and support good outcomes for fishing.

Speaking in Parliament about the plan, Minister Punch said, “Our recfishing agenda is going to be guided by the recfishing plan that Recfishwest is working on and will really guide the priorities for how we support recfishing into the future.”

He added in his media release on the subject, “I look forward to seeing the Government and Recfishwest work together to deliver on this plan over the next three years.”