Cast a vote in the 2021 State Election: How your vote could affect your fishing

With the 2021 State Election only days away, many fishers are asking how each political party is proposing to make fishing better over the next term of Government, if elected.

Recfishwest has no political affiliation and will never tell anyone how they should vote – we will always advocate for the best interests of recfishing whichever Government is in power. 

We believe it is our role to keep you up to speed with the election commitments of registered political parties that are likely to impact on your fishing experiences and let you decide for yourself which way to vote.

As in previous elections, Recfishwest asked all political parties with elected representatives what they have to offer WA’s recreational fishing community.

To help ensure fishing receives a fair go this election, make sure to ask your local candidates to commit to providing you with more places to fish and more fish to catch.

Recfishwest received correspondence from the WA Labor, Liberal Party of WA, Nationals WA, Shooters, Farmers and Fishers Party of WA and Greens WA.

The tables and summaries below show a snapshot of each parties’ main recfishing election commitments – for more details visit each party’s website.


Ahead of the approaching State Election, Premier McGowan and Labor are proposing:

Labor$35 million towards a boating facility/marina at Entrance Point in Broome;
$4.5 million to repair 430m of Carnarvon’s One Mile Jetty;
$3 million to manage coastal erosion, create a protected recreation area for families and construct a boat launching facility at Drummond Cove in Geraldton;
$2 million for the construction of an artificial shellfish reef in the Swan River;
Continue funding Recfishwest at a level equivalent to 15 per cent of the annual recreational fishing licence contributions and maintain funding for the Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund (RFIF) at a level equivalent to 25 per cent of the annual recreational fishing licence contributions;
Work with Recfishwest on implementation of the WA Recreational Fishing development plan, within existing funding sources;
Continue working with Recfishwest and all relevant stakeholders to address the issue of shark depredation.


Ahead of the approaching State Election, the Liberals are proposing:

LiberalsScrap the Cockburn Sound Outer Harbour project;
$12.5 million for fish restocking programs over five years;
$12 million to develop four additional artificial reefs at Drummond’s Cove, Mandurah, Port Beach and Busselton;
Double funding for the RFIF to a level equivalent to 50 per cent of the annual recreational fishing licence contributions;
$1.5 million for a new boat ramp at Drummond’s Cove;
$1 million for upgrading wharf and boating facilities at Sandy Cove; and,
$1 million for safety measures, including improvements to land-based fishing through platforms, jetties and upgraded amenities at key fishing locations.

For the Liberal party of WA’s full fishing package proposals, click here.

Nationals WA

Ahead of the approaching State Election, the Nationals are proposing:

Nationals WA$24 million funding for hatcheries and fish restocking until 2030;
$15 million for a recreational boating and fish cleaning station scheme, on top of the spending for projects from the RFIF;
Double funding for the RFIF to a level equivalent to 50 per cent of the annual recreational fishing licence contributions;
$13 million towards the extension of the Marina in Jurien Bay;
$500,000 towards the creation of a development plan for recreational fishing, investigation of shark bite-off and review of latent effort within the charter sector;

For the Nationals WA’s full fishing package proposals, click here.

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party of WA

  • Improved vehicle access to beaches for family fishing;
  • Vigorous opposition to the Westport Inner Harbour development;
  • Procuring an extension of the program to accommodate disabled and non-ambulatory fishers at jetties and enabling the establishment of more fish cleaning stations at boat ramps and a continuation of the grants program to fund them;
  • Opposing lock-outs that are not based on sound fisheries research and management including opposing marine parks planned for the North West and Kimberly; and
  • Supporting opportunities for inland fishing hubs for recreational fishers.

Find out more about Shooters, Fishers and Farmers WA’s fishing policy here.

Greens WA

  • Support increased access by recreational fishers provided the fisheries and practices are sustainable and environmentally-friendly;
  • Support government-funded maintenance, refurbishment and replacement of State-owned jetties to protect environments;
  • Support additional artificial reefs that support fish stocks and protect biodiversity as long as these reefs are located in appropriate places and do not cause environmental harm.
  • Support increased funding for the Fishability program, to ensure Western Australians living with disabilities are provided with increased access and quality recreational fishing opportunities and experiences.
  • Support an increased percentage return of the Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund to the communities from which they are being taken, to enhance recreational fishing and promote sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

To learn more about Greens WA’s fisheries policies, click here.

Recfishwest hopes the information above shines a light on what each party says it will do in relation to fishing before you cast your vote on 13 March.

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