Community Concerns Over Hoiday Fishing Access

Denmark’s fishing and boating community is this week up in arms following a plan by the local council to close Denmark’s Ocean Beach Boat Launching facility during the Christmas holiday period and the Easter long weekend.

In the case of Ocean Beach, the council is citing public safety concerns as justification for this proposal.

Denmark Boating and Angling Club president Don Smith expressed his disappointment at the idea, explaining that Ocean Beach provided the only safe boat launching location for over 30km.

“Local residents and visitors have been safely launching boats at Ocean Beach for generations”

“This type of management by exclusion does not return the maximum benefit to the wider community” Mr Smith said.

Recfishwest CEO Dr Andrew Rowland questioned the local council’s proposal.

“Recfishwest supports fair and equitable access to what is a long term boat launching location”

The Department of Transport does a great job managing this small shared use area where the safety of all users has been well considered.”

“Common sense should prevail and the local council should continue to defer to the Department of Transport in providing a solution which maintains shared use” Dr Rowland said.

Denmark is a popular location for tourists, especially for fishers. During the Easter Salmon run, fishers by the hundreds flock to the region to catch this prize sport fish.

Prior to council intervention the matter was discussed between local community groups and government agencies with a resolution to continue to manage the area for all users without need for a closure of the launching f acility.

Recfishwest is calling on all concerned fishers and boaters to ensure their views on this issue are expressed to the council. Comments can be made directly to the shire by emailing

The Shire of Denmark is seeking comment on this issue by Monday 8th December.

Media Contacts:
Andrew Rowland, Chief Executive Officer, 0418 326 747
Matt Gillett, Regional Policy Officer, 0405 135 187