We want everyone to return home safe after a day’s fishing

There’s nothing more important than returning home safe after a day’s fishing.

Recfishwest is a key stakeholder in fishing safety in Western Australia. We work alongside partners to ensure that fishers are provided with the correct information on which to make decisions around safe fishing practices.

This spring has already seen a few incidents which are a timely reminder to ensure that safety is at the front of our minds when we undertake the pastime we all love. Fortunately, these incidents have had happy endings.

October saw a lucky Perth crayfisher rescued off the coast of Trigg by a passing yacht, having fallen from his boat whilst pulling cray pots. He spent two hours in cold, rough conditions before being spotted by a passing yacht who came to his aid.

The yacht’s skipper Mick Macfarlane recalled how lucky the fisher was to be pulled from the water.

“He had the violent shivers…he couldn’t talk to us much,” Mr Macfarlane said.

It is understood that the man was not wearing a life jacket despite fishing alone in his boat on a rough day.

November saw two divers rescued from Stragglers having been caught in a current whilst diving near Rottnest Island. A passing private boat found the pair after a full-scale search was launched including Police, Sea Rescue and Private Vessels.

Both of these incidents highlight the need for fishers to consider their safety when undertaking all manner of fishing activities throughout our state. Fishing can be dangerous in the wrong conditions and Recfishwest recommend taking the following precautions to ensure safe fishing experiences:

• Always tell someone where you are going, and what time you are expected home;
• Know and understand the conditions before heading out;
• Always carry appropriate safety equipment;
• Always wear a life jacket.

For more information on safety equipment, including what we believe is the best value for money life jackets currently available, visit our Fish and Survive website.  This site has all you need to know about staying safe whilst fishing as well as great prices on the Crewsaver range of life jackets.

Make sure you visit to ensure you return home safe at the end of a day’s fishing.

Always carry appropriate safety equipment, such as a lifejacket, when fishing.