Tackle Shop Talk – Brian Marshall, Compleat Angler and Camping World, Nedlands

The local tackle shop is often a cornerstone of an angling community. More than just somewhere to go to buy your bait and gear – tackle shops are often a hotbed of fishing info and a meeting point for customers and staff alike to swap stories and intel. Many in the tackle industry have been doing it tough in recent weeks amid the COVID-19 uncertainty and we reckon some of these unsung heroes deserve a bit of the limelight – and don’t forget to support your local tackle store and buy local.

To kick off the series we talk to the owner of a metro recfishing institution – Nedlands Compleat and Camping World fishing legend Brian Marshall.

RFW: How and when did you get involved with your tackle store?

BM: About 18 years ago, with Gary Shugg we expanded the tackle store, Complete Fisherman, that was at the Windsor Theatre and moved it to above IGA at Stirling Highway and Taylor Rd.

RFW: What do you enjoy about working in the business?

BM: Talking about and helping teach what I love doing.

RFW: What makes your customers keep coming back for more?

BM: I have awesome staff and we have a large range of tackle gear.

RFW: How have you adapted the business to life under COVID?

BM: Yes, we clean our counters every hour and we ask all customers to disinfect their hands as they come in. We also limit the number of customers in the shop.

RFW: What’s a hot tackle item in your store at the moment?

BM: There’s no one thing dominating. We have parents coming in with their kids to take them fishing for the first time, a lot are going squidding, salmon fishing has started as they hit the metro areas, a lot of people fishing for herring/ whiting, etc, a lot of boat fishing gear.

RFW: If you were Fisheries Minister for a day and you could change one thing, what would it be?

BM: Open the demersal ban that closes from 15 October to 15 December for one year only. It will really help the economy, then close it again in 2021.

RFW: What’s your favourite fishing destination in WA and why?

BM: Mackerel Islands or Monte Bello Islands – they both have a huge range of different types of fishing, including bottom fishing, marlin/sailfish, casting for GTs, mackies, wahoo, etc.

Nedlands Compleat and Camping World has a terrific range of gear!

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