Herring stock recovery: Do you think the bag limit should be restored to 30 herring?  

As we recently reported, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development’s (DPIRD) latest fisheries scientific assessment has shown WA’s herring stocks have strongly recovered, following management changes implemented in early 2015.

This included a reduction of the recreational bag limit from 30 to 12.

This stock recovery is a great result and shows what is possible with good fisheries management and a recreational fishing community that cares deeply about this highly valued fishery.

Recfishwest understands the latest science shows that the herring numbers are healthy enough to restore the former bag limit of 30, while still being well within sustainable catch limits.

For example, the current combined commercial and recreational catch of WA herring sits at around 115 tonnes and the catch-MSY (Maximum Sustainable Yield) analysis within the stock assessment shows herring stocks could theoretically support annual catches of 1,199 tonnes.

As the State’s peak body for recreational fishing, we are now exploring the opportunity to increase the bag limit for herring in WA.

Tell us what you think the bag limit should be

Recfishwest is keen to hear from you to assist us in forming our advice to Fisheries Minister Don Punch. We want to know whether you think an increase in the herring bag limit would be appropriate and if so by how much?

To tell us what you think,  click here to take this single question survey.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to fishing or a seasoned angler, all fishers love catching herring!

Like you, Recfishwest wants herring stocks to remain healthy and strong, so herring fishing keeps getting better and to ensure there is plenty of resilience in herring population for any future environmental changes.

Thanks in advance for telling us what you think about this most important of West Aussie fish — your input is important to us.

Herring are the most important fish species in WA.