The Survival Float: A Product Worth Investing In

Coming home safe from a days fishing is something that is important to everyone.  Recently Australia was introduced to the Survival Float, a new invention designed by WA spear fishers to give all boaters the best chance of coming home safe after a day in the water.
While originally designed to increase the safety of those who planned to go in the water, its high-quality materials and in water testing to full immersion means that it is also the ideal piece of equipment to act as an emergency grab bag for boaters who are only entering the water due to an emergency situation.

The Survival Float can store everything you need in an emergency.

An emergency grab bag (also known as ditch bag) is an important piece of safety equipment for boat fishers to securely store all of their survival equipment in a single, easily accessible location. A grab bag contains all of the things you need to get you through those situations no one wants to be in. By storing your EPIRB, flares, and water all in the same location you can be confident that in an emergency situation, when making the most of every second counts, you won’t be spending precious time rummaging through your gunnels and bow of your boat looking for the equipment you need to ensure the safety of you and your crew.

Storing your safety gear in the sturdy and UV resistant Survival Float also means that expensive life-saving equipment is protected from rough treatment and long-term exposure to salt water which can render it useless in a crucial situation.

Given the Survival Float was originally designed to be in the water and has been tested to full immersion, it means that in an emergency situation when you have to abandon ship, you can rely on its strong build and water tight seal to ensure your safety gear remains with you, and not at the bottom of the ocean. Its 20kgs of buoyancy can also give you added support for tired crew members who might need more than just their life jacket, while its massive 19L of storage room provides the space you will need to store all of your safety gear.

The float is available for purchase at Fish and Survive. For just $198 you can make an investment in your boating safety that will improve your chances of survival.








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Banner image credit: andreypolivanov.Shutterstock