Perth International Boat Show is almost here!

Exciting news for boaties, as WA’s premier boating event has sailed from Mandurah to the Perth CBD where both the Perth Convention Centre and Elizabeth Quay will be filled with the best products and information the boating industry has to offer.

The vision for the Perth International Boat Show is to create one major boat show for Western Australia that is of an international standard and reflected the State’s prosperous and diverse marine industry.

One of the many vessels set to be on display at this year’s show!

It will profile the WA marine industry both nationally and internationally; and will attract a level of attention never before seen at a boat show in WA.

The show will utilise the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre and on-water displays within the Elizabeth Quay. Opening on 22 September and running through to 25 September, the show will combine a trade industry show with entertainment and related activities.

Indoor displays will feature:

• Trailer boats from all major brands and manufacturers from across Australia;
• Marine electronics including navigation and communications and safety equipment;
• Aquatic recreation equipment;
• Displays from government agencies;
• Travel and tourism information;

Quintrex will be among the many terrific hull manufacturers at the upcoming show.

• Insurance and finance; and
• Fishing and outdoor related products.

On-water displays:

• Boats under 15m within Elizabeth Quay;
• Big Boats (over 15m) outside the quay;
• Covered walkways and pontoons; and
• On water boat demos and trials.

The event will attract visitors by offering entertainment and activities, such as:

• Boat trials and demonstrations;
• How-to demonstrations on a variety of topics;
• Celebrity entertainers and special guests, including Paul Worsteling, of iFish;
• Stage shows, on-water entertainment and activities for children and families;
• Fishing demonstrations and seafood cooking demonstrations;
• Sailing and boating demonstrations; and
• Prizes and giveaways.

Crewsaver lifejackets are very popular among WA fishers.

Recfishwest is excited to attend and spread the message of Fish and Survive with a strong focus on boating safety and to sell what we believe to be the world’s best lifejackets for boaties and fishers alike, the Crewsaver.

The days of stowing lifejackets under the seats of your boat or having them take up valuable space (that is much better utilised for more fishing tackle) are over.

Enter the era of small, light-weight and comfortable self-inflating manual or water activated lifejackets that are changing the way we think about boating safety.

Recfishwest Chief Executive Officer Dr Andrew Rowland said fishing safety developments over the past few years had come on leaps and bounds and these jackets are a necessity for all water users.

“Our commitment to improved safety stems from the fact that we want to see all fishers return safe to their family at the end of a day’s fishing,” Dr Rowland said.

“No longer are lifejackets being stowed; they are being worn, and providing the safest possible solution should you find yourself in trouble on the water.’’

Boat Show specials will be available on all types of lifejackets, so come down and support fishing safety in WA.

With so much to see and do, if you love the boating lifestyle make sure you attend the 2017 Perth International Boat Show. So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out; book your tickets online today.

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