Yellowfin Frames for Science

The Department of Fisheries is calling on recreational fishers to help them learn more about the Yellowfin Whiting fishery in the Peel-Harvey Estuary and the Perth metro area.
Fishing for whiting in the estuary at Mandurah has boomed in recent years, with anglers using small lures to catch the fish as they move into the estuary each spring.

Whiting are an important recreational species and Fisheries is calling on anglers to donate their yellowfin skeletons to assist with their research into the fishery.

whiting on lure

It is a short-term project for 2015-16 and frame samples are also being collected from the commercial fishery in the Peel-Harvey Estuary.  The data will be used to assess the status of the local whiting stocks.

The project commenced in response to an apparent increase in the abundance of yellowfin whiting, over the past 2-3 years.  Fisheries is trying to ascertain why this has occurred.

The project  also hopes to learn more about the biology of this species, including their movement patterns and how these fish utilise the estuary habitat.

The yellowfin frames can be dropped off at Fisheries offices or any Send Us Your Skeletons drop-off location, and participating fishers go into random prize draws.

Click here for more on the Send Us Your Skeletons Program.