What the Members Say

We thank the 1456 members who completed our Members Survey. The results will give us better insight into:

  • Why people join their Peak Body for recreational fishing
  • What members want and don’t want in their membership
  • How Recfishwest could improve communications with members; and
  • What information would make their fishing better

We value our members support and encourage all subscribers to become members to grow our voice and lead positive change for WA’s fishing.

member beach fishing

Some interesting results from the survey included:

  • 81% of members supported receiving a Recfishwest T-shirt and Limited Edition Recfishwest lure
  • Suggestions included adding the word ‘member’ back on our shirts so member’s can be recognisable in public – Our new shirts will now have this amendment made
  • The question: “Please rate how important the following aspects of being a Recfishwest member are to you?” illicited the following responses:
    • 69% of members either thought it was somewhat important or very important  ‘Being part of a recreational fishing community’
    • 90%  of members either thought it was somewhat important or very important ‘Knowing you are making a difference to fishing rights’
    • 80%  of members either thought it was somewhat important or very important ‘Receiving weekly Fishing Reports’

community survey image

  • The question: “Please rate how strongly you agree or disagree with the following statements about Recfishwest”:
    • 87% of members agreed that  Recfishwest is WA’s premier organisation supporting the fishing community
    • 82% of members agreed that  Recfishwest is the advocacy body with specialists and skills to deliver outcomes
    • 87% of members agreed that Recfishwest  works hard to protect my fishing rights and increase my fishing access

fishing rights survey image

  • Have you seen Recfishwest’s Facebook page?
    • over 77% said they had not seen our Facebook Page
    • …but 53% of the 77% are active on Facebook!
    • Those who view our Facebook page:
      • Over 80% of members believe are posts are relevant, interesting and keeps them up to date about recfishing projects and initiatives

facebook survey image

The random winners of the Members Survey are as follows:

  1. Shane Day – Custom Made Recfishwest Sabre C6429 6ft 20kg Boat Rod to the value of $300 (made by John Curtis)
  2. Tom Webb – $100 Gift Voucher to Bluewater Tackle World
  3. Adrian Tyrell – Halco Lure Pack

The voice and opinions of our members are critical to how we operate as we strive  to make your fishing better and essentially represent the people of WA’s fishing community.

We endevour to run more survey’s like these to have better insight into what our members want.

WA’s Biggest Ever Recreational Fishing Survey is now open – we need every fisher in WA to participate and drive positive change. Great prizes up for grabs for completing the survey. PLEASE SHARE with like-minded fishers and friends and help Make Your Fishing Better!!