Waste Water Spillage Unacceptable

RECFISHWEST and the local community were most dismayed by the occurrence of waste water being leaked into Denmark’s Wilson Inlet, an iconic recreational fishing location.

On June 24, the local newspaper in Denmark reported “raw sewage spilled into a feeder creek of Wilson Inlet last week after a breakdown at the Water Corporation’s Zimmermann Street pumping station.” It went on to reveal the Water Corporation estimated about 20,000 litres of waste water containing solids spilled into the creek for about 15 hours in mid-June.

Water Corporation warned people not to swim or fish in the immediate area.


Waste water discharges into Wilson Inlet are exacerbated by the fact the inlet’s mouth has been opening less frequently in recent years, with less flushing of the system.

It is unacceptable that burst waste water pipes are leaking into important waterways. This is not the first spillage to occur in recent times with waste water also being leaked into Safety Bay, Rockingham, in May this year with the Water Corporation estimating 3.4 million litres, equivalent to about 1.5 Olympic swimming pools, of wastewater overflowed from the drain to the beach and ocean.

Rec fishers, as champions for fish habitats, call on the Water Corporation to better manage their waste water operations to ensure these types of spillages do not occur in the future, especially where waste water can infiltrate localised waterways and have potential impacts on aquatic environments.