Thieves Pay the Price

Compliance  has been a major talking point around the start of the crayfish season. In recent years there have been numerous incidences of recreational fishers having their craypots interfered with.

This year, the Department of Fisheries is really cracking down on craypot interference offences and those doing the wrong thing are being caught and paying a hefty price for their indiscretions.

Social media was abuzz with reports of a boat which had been impounded after the owner was caught by a member of the public at the boat ramp with pots which did not belong to him.

There has been two  more boat seizures  this month, demonstrating the fantastic compliance work by the Department of Fisheries.

The message for recreational fishers is clear – if you commit a serious offence you risk losing your boat.  Do the right thing, learn the rules, and make the crayfishing season an enjoyable experience for everyone.

To read the Department’s response, click here.

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