Snapper Guardian Release Event

What: Snapper Guardian Pink Snapper Party – come and help us  release  thousands of your juvenile Pink Snapper

Where: Jervoise Bay, Woodman Point (see map attached)

When: Saturday 6 February 10am – 12pm

Onsite map cockburn

map aerial

The contribution from the WA public to help fund and grow Pink Snapper fingerlings has been astounding. To date the Snapper Guardian Project has raised  more than $33,000 and we  cannot thank the people who donated enough.

We now have a date and time for our ‘Pink Snapper Party’ where, with the help of the WA community, will be releasing thousands of juvenile Pink Snapper. We will require people to come down and lend a hand transporting fish into the water and help build the Pink Snapper Stocks in Cockburn Sound. The survival of these fish are priority and we will not be releasing fish into water that will impact the survival of these fish.

Snapper in Jar

The Department of Fisheries have made available their boats over the coming weeks to release the rest of the Snapper onto nursery grounds outside of Cockburn Sound – predominantly limestone reefs and sea grasses which are well known nursery habitats for juvenile fish.

Snapper Guardian merchandise is currently under development and will be available to all Snapper Guardians either to be picked up on the release day or sent out to your nominated postage address.


Beanies mockup final

shirt f&b

The new fish stocking and transport trailer will be on hand to deliver the fish to the release location.

stocking trailer

It’s never too late to pledge your support for the Snapper Guardian project. Click here to pledge your support.