Safety First This Abalone Season

Recfishwest is urging recreational abalone fishers to adhere to safety messages during the upcoming metro Abalone season.

A number of people have died when Abalone fishing and these deaths could have been avoided. If the swell is big and conditions are dangerous, then don’t fish.


Recfishwest recommends wearing a manual inflating life jacket that can be easily inflated if you get swept of the rock platform and get into trouble.

Wear rock boots and a wetsuit when collecting Abalone – track pants and jumpers are not suitable attire.

In the West Coast zone, the abalone season will run over five Sundays (the first of each month) from November through to March.

Fishers need to have a licence to collect Abalone and are only able to collect the shellfish for themselves.

The bag limit for Roe’s Abalone in the West Coast zone is 15 per fisher per day, and the minimum size limit is 60mm across the shell.

This is a sensitive and carefully managed fishery and it is crucial these rules are observed to maintain abalone stocks.

The Fisheries Department closely monitors the catch each year to ensure it is sustainable.