RFIF – Round 4 Projects

Mandurah Artificial Reef Installation
Subcon Technologies Pty Ltd

Thirty modules for the Mandurah artificial reef have been manufactured and the approvals for deployment of this reef are being finalised. This project includes transporting modules, fabricating deployment equipment and the installation of 30 ten tonne 3mx3mx3m locally manufactured reef modules off coast of Mandurah to create the Mandurah artificial reef.

artificial reefs

The project will:
• Be the first artificial reef deployed using 100% recreational fishing licence fees,
• Support the development of local artificial reef expertise,
• Improved options for tourism and charter fishing,
• Increased safer and more accessible fishing opportunities for small boats,
• Create 1920 m3 of new reef habitat for recreational target species and a range of other marine organisms.

Minister Mandurah Reef 2015

Read our Media Release when Minister Ken Baston made this announcement, here.

WA State-wide Fish Aggregation Device (FAD) Program

This project seeks to purchase and deploy purpose built FADs in key regional locations in WA using best practice techniques. Applications and approvals will be gained for FAD deployments in three locations. Fishing opportunities presented by the FADs, tailored to the needs of local fishers, will also help build capacity in regional fishing clubs through the management of the FAD program.

The project will:
• Offers increased year round recreational fishing opportunities and experiences in regional locations,
• Shift effort away from vulnerable demersal species,
• Provide opportunities to monitor environmental conditions and catch data.

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Bringing the oyster reefs back to Oyster Harbour, Albany: Restoring natural habitat for better fishing
The Nature Conservancy

This project aims to identify and restore oyster reefs as key habitat to support fish production in Oyster Harbour, Albany. It will involve investigation as to the extent of the current remnant natural oyster populations and develop methods to support larger-scale restoration works. This project has leverage matching funding from The Nature Conservancy Australia.

The project will:
• Identify and restore oysters in Albany’s Oyster Harbour,
• Identify the priority locations best suited to restoring native shellfish reefs,
• Quantify historic loss of shellfish reefs in southwest WA,
• Engage recreational fishers in on ground restoration works,
• Enhance our knowledge of shellfish reef restoration in WA,
• Conduct a six month assessment on the growth and survival of the oysters
• Provide a template for similar activities in other systems such as the Swan River

Read the Nature Conservancy’s Australia Media Release here.

Read the brochure here.

Oyster Reef

Development and implementation of a Fish Friendly Farms program for Western Australia
OzFish Unlimited

The Fish Friendly Farms program is designed to inform landholders how to look after and improve fish habitat and in doing so build capacity within the community to undertake activities to improve and protect aquatic habitat. This in turn will lead to the creation of long-term partnerships between government and the community that will assist in the adaptive management of aquatic ecosystems for the benefit of future generations.

The project will:
• Encourage rehabilitation of fish habitat to improve native fish communities,
• Increase awareness of fish habitat issues within the primary producer communities and demonstrate actions that can be undertaken to minimise off-farm impacts from on-farm activities,
• Build capacity within the farming community to assist with the planning and implementation of on-ground works that will benefit the aquatic environment,
• Build productive partnerships between farmers, NRM groups and the recreational fishing community.

Nextwave – Future Leaders in Recreational Fishing
Rural Training initiatives Pty Ltd

This project will unearth aspiring young leaders within the recreational fishing sector that are willing to contribute to the management, development, communication and extension of recreational fishing in Western Australia. Investing in the development of young passionate and educated leaders will ensure a smooth generational leadership transition and ensure leadership amongst the recreational fishing community remains strong.

The project will:
• Unearth aspiring young leaders within the recreational fishing sector who are willing to contribute to the management, development, communication and extension of recreational fishing in Western Australia,
• Expose the next generation of leaders to industry leaders and stakeholders,
• Provide opportunities for involvement in management and advocacy,
• Provide a pathway to represent Western Australian at a National level.

YFL 2011

Koombana Bay Community Recreational Fishing and Crabbing Platform
City of Bunbury

The construction of a recreational fishing and crabbing platform in the protected waters of Koombana Bay in Bunbury. The key components of the platform will include full disabled access, use of recycled timber from the former jetty, water and power supply, lighting for night use, fish cleaning station, seating and a bike rack.

The project will:
• Provide an avenue fishers in the Greater Bunbury area to participate in fishing and crabbing,
• Respond to the demonstrated community need,
• Provide a safe and accessible platform for disabled and elderly recreational fishers.

Identifying future restocking options for Blue Swimmer Crabs (Portunus armatus)
Australian Centre for Applied Aquaculture Research, Challenger Institute of Technology

This project will pilot a Blue Swimmer Crab breeding technique similar to techniques used to culture Western School Prawns, in an effort to test the viability of stocking using this culture method. The project includes collecting broodstock as well as aquaculture trials which will release crablets if successful, into identified suitable habitats.

The project will:
• Summarise Blue Swimmer Crab biology and ecology relevant to the aquaculture of crabs,
• Trial and assess producing Blue Swimmer Crabs in aquaculture ,
• Identify previously successful aquaculture/restocking efforts for Blue Swimmer Crabs and similar species in other parts of the world that may have application in Australia,
• Release of megalopae (crablets) into suitable habitat if successful.

in sand crab2

Re-establishing recreational prawning in the Swan-Canning Estuary
Western Australian Fish Foundation Inc

This project includes the collection, spawning, culturing and release of 2,000,000 Western School Prawns into the Swan Canning Estuary. It also includes a survey of prawn populations and engagement with the community to reconnect with prawning in the estuary. The project will be a one year extension of the highly popular Prawn Stocking project which is currently being funded through the RFIF.

The project will:
• Culture and release 2 million juvenile Western School Prawns into the Swan-Canning Estuary in 2015/16. Making the total amount released almost 4 million,
• Trial the use of using recreational prawn fishers to provide low cost monitoring of Western School Prawns into the future
• Produce sound, scientific validated low cost information to help inform the management of Western School Prawns in the Swan-Canning Estuary into the future
• Communicate sustainable recreational prawning messages

gravid prawn

Fishability Capacity Building Project: Focusing on support for disengaged children and adults throughout Western Australia
Fishers With Disabilities Association Inc

The Fishability Capacity Building Project will focus on the goal to increase participation and provide inclusive community pathways in recreational fishing through two initiatives; establishing new ongoing programs in Geraldton and Busselton and the ‘Fishability Day’ event.

The project will:
• Hold 10 simultaneous ‘Fishability Day’ community events throughout WA in 2016,
• Improve awareness of the ‘Go Fishing Yourself’ portal, a previous RFIF project identifying fishing locations for fishers of all abilities,
• Promotion of sustainable fishing and social inclusion
• Provide two ongoing regional programs with a program co-ordinator and a team of volunteers.

fishers with disabilities with Andrew CEO Nov 2014