Recfishwest Board Members

The functioning of Recfishwest in its current form owes a great deal of gratitude to its Board of Directors. The Board consists of eight members of which five were elected through Recfishwest membership and the remaining three appointed.

The members of the Board cover and offer guidance and hundreds of combined years of corporate industry experience in governance, communications, , finance, audit, strategy and risk. Reflective amongst the Board members is a keen interest in fishing and various combined skills and knowledge in fish biology, ecology, fisheries management and aquaculture.

Board Announcement

Amongst the membership of the Board are two new members as announced at this year’s Annual General Meeting and Recfishwest would like to take the pleasure of introducing Jeff Cooper and Simon McLernon as the newest additions.

Jeff Cooper has been a keen member of the West Australian fishing community for most of his life having held the position of President at the Broome Fishing Club and a representative of the International Game Fishing Association. Jeff is a former chair of the Broome Boating Facility Community Reference Group and former Board Member of the Marine Park Reserves Authority.

Currently a Portfolio Manager at the North Regional Tafe, Jeff is in charge of Aquaculture, Fisheries and Maritime as well as a host of other fields. Amongst Jeff’s greatest achievements has been the aquaculture restocking of Barramundi to multiple key locations across the Kimberley and Pilbara.

geoff cooper

Simon McLernon is a mechatronic engineer with a background in mining, manufacturing, ship building and subsea oil and gas engineering with strategic knowledge of administration, management, personnel, human resources and program evaluation.

Simon has built on his passion for fishing and diving, developing the Bluewater Safety Float, an innovative accessory increasing the safety for divers and boaters alike and established his standing as the Vice President of Bluewater Freedivers of WA.

simon board

Remaining Board Profile

Alongside the two newest board members, accompanying them is the Recfishwest Chairman of the board, Tim Bray whom carries a vast array of professional knowledge and experience in the fields of fisheries science and management, acting as senior advisor to the Minister for Fisheries before following other career ambitions in a number of corporate communications and management roles in the Chamber of Commerce and the energy sector.

Geoff Ellis sits as Deputy Chairman of Recfishwest and the Chair of the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee, also representing Recfishwest on the Recreational Boating Facilities Scheme. Geoff has an extensive career history in finance, having worked his way up through managing boat and caravan sales businesses to the Director of Finance role and President of the Boating Industry Association WA. Geoff has held the role of Director for Offshore Marine for the last 25 years.

Kevin Gammage holds the Chair of Recfishwest’s Governance Committee and a practising partner in a corporate law firm. Kevin boasts an extensive history in corporate law with a successful career at senior management and CEO level. Kevin represented companies with annual sales revenue between $50-90million where he led negotiations for business and sales acquisitions, supply agreements, intellectual property licensing, structuring of shareholder arrangements and capital raisings.

Jason Froud is the Chair of the Communications Committee utilising his extensive knowledge of politics, science, the media, social trends and economics. Jason hailed from a background in environmental science to expand into business and public sector management and currently holds a position in senior corporate affairs and policy in the WA energy sector.

Heidi Cuthbert is a multidisciplinary specialist with professional career pursuits in marketing and communications branching into media and business-finance journalism. Heidi holds qualifications in business, finance and soon to be accountant, whilst carrying career media experience as a business news anchor and international reporter.

Dean Thorburn is your quintessential environmental scientist working his way through a highly successful career in marine and aquatic studies specialising in fish biology and nearshore to riverine ecology. Dean continues to utilise his knowledge of fish biology conducting environmental impact assessments and monitoring in his role as Principal Scientist and Director of an environmental consulting agency.

All Recfishwest Board Member Directors are passionate about fishing in WA and enjoy a wide array of fishing activities from diving for crayfish and prawns, spearfishing, game fishing, freshwater fishing, marroning and everything in between. They are committed to Recfishwest’s vision in delivering great fishing experience for all in the WA community.