Recfishers Supporting Sustainable Seafood Day

Friday, March 20 was Sustainable Seafood Day.  It was a chance to celebrate sustainable fishing practices, and at the same time acknowledge the part recreational fishers are playing in better management of our fisheries resources in Australia.

Brody cray Perth Dec 2011 (2)

Here in WA, we have some of the best managed fisheries in the world and Recfishwest congratulates all fishers and communities which help make that happen. There are a number of sustainability achievements that recreational fishers have supported,  and they show the absolute commitment most anglers have to promoting healthy fisheries.

One of those closest to the heart of Broome locals is the removal of commercial netting in Roebuck Bay in late 2013. This had led to dramatic improvement in the quality of the Roebuck Bay fishery in just over year.

Recreational fishers were also key players in the move to protect pink snapper spawning aggregations in Cockburn Sound.

The annual demersal closed season has also become an accepted part of recreational fishing in the southern half of the state, with latest reports showing strong stock recovery for the species it was brought in to protect, including the iconic Dhufish.

There are also a number of fantastic restocking programs underway around the State supported by Recfishwest.  These included the stocking of aquaculture-bred barramundi, mulloway, black bream and prawns in iconic WA waterways. Recreational fishers have also supported marine habitat enhancement, with artificial reefs boosting species diversity in the South-West.

These are just some of the ways recreational fishers are playing their part in keeping Australia’s seafood supply sustainable.